Free Fire MAX vs BGMI: Which game has more maps and game modes in 2022?

Free Fire MAX vs BGMI (Image via Sportskeeda)
Free Fire MAX vs BGMI (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fans saw the arrival of Free Fire MAX and BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) in 2021. The former was launched for Android and iOS in September last year, while the latter released for the Google Play Store and App Store in July and August 2021, respectively.

Both battle royale shooters have garnered a massive user base since their release. Garena Free Fire MAX has registered over 100 million installs on the Play Store, while BGMI has clocked over 50 million installs on the same platform.

Battle Royale mode is one of the standard features in both BGMI and Free Fire MAX. However, users get many variations in maps and modes on both titles. The following section will reveal which game has more maps and modes.

Garena Free Fire MAX and BGMI: A comparison of the number of maps and modes

Latest updates


Download size (Image via Google Play)
Download size (Image via Google Play)

Indian fans welcomed the global 1.7 update of BGMI in mid-November last year, which brought many new features. The game has received some minor updates since then, and the download size in the Play Store is 776 MB.

Players will have to choose between low-spec or HD resource packages before completing the setup for the Indian PUBG Mobile variant. Users should follow a similar process for iOS devices.

Garena Free Fire MAX

Download size of Garena Free Fire MAX (Image via Google Play)
Download size of Garena Free Fire MAX (Image via Google Play)

The latest OB31 update of Free Fire and its MAX variant arrived on December 1, 2021. After the major update, players encountered some minor updates on Free Fire and the MAX version that introduced additional features.

The MAX variant has a download size of 0.99 GB in the Google Play Store, and after completion of the installation process, players can run the game with little fuss. If they own an iOS device, they will have to download a file of equivalent size.

Maps and modes


Maps and modes in BGMI (Image via Krafton)
Maps and modes in BGMI (Image via Krafton)

There are six maps in BR mode. Players get several other options in multiplayer mode, which are given as follows:

1) Classic BR (Ranked):

  • Maps - Erangel, Livik (Beta), Sanhok, Miramar, Vikendi, and Karakin.

2) Arcade

  • Maps: Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar.
  • Modes: Quick Match (Three maps), War (One map), Sniper Training (Three maps).

3) Arena (Multiplayer modes):

  • Maps: Hanger, Inventory, Library, Town, and Ruins
  • Modes: Team Deathmatch (Two maps), Arena Training (Two maps), Gun Game (Two maps), Domination (One map), and Assault (One map)

Apart from the variety in MP and BR mode, it also has a "VS AI" mode with three different levels that users can enjoy in Livik.

Free Fire MAX

Maps and modes in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)
Maps and modes in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)

Both Garena Free Fire and its MAX version have a Battle Royale mode with many variations in terms of maps. There are many other game modes which are given as follows:

1) BR-Ranked mode

  • Maps - Alpine, Bermuda, and Purgatory.

2) CS-Ranked mode

  • Maps - A random location from any map.

3) Battle Royale mode

  • Maps (Available all the time) - Bermuda and Alpine
  • Maps (Opens daily for a limited time) - Kalahari, Bermuda Remastered, and Purgatory.

4) Clash Squad mode

  • Maps - Purgatory, Kalahari, Bermuda, and Bermuda Remastered.

5) Lone Wolf mode

  • Maps - Iron Cage

Some custom modes in Free Fire MAX are either played on the maps given above or a particular map. Here are the custom modes in Free Fire MAX:

  • Pet Rumble (with Crisis Lab map)
  • Pet Mania (with Air Fair map)
  • Craftland (with customized maps)
  • Casual
  • League

Hence, it is pretty clear by comparing both games that BGMI has more variety in maps and modes, as one can enjoy multiplayer, Arcade, and BR mode. However, this doesn't imply that Free Fire MAX lacks variety.

Evidently, players should download the game of their choice.

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