Free Fire redeem code for today (30 November): Steps to collect rewards for free

The rewards for the new redeem code (Image via Free Fire)
The rewards for the new redeem code (Image via Free Fire)

Free Fire redeem codes have long stood as an alternative for the majority of the community to attain rewards without using premium in-game currency. Developers release these during live streams and the achievement of some milestones.

During the livestream of the Free Fire Asia Championship, the developers released a redeem code. The code is specific to a given server and is still functioning, and thus the user should not miss out on this opportunity.

Working Free Fire redeem code for Indonesia server, for today, 30 November


Rewards: 2x Green Star Token, Brave Crystal, and Sky Crystal.

Uncharacteristically, this redeem code is valid for a few more days, giving all users ample time to claim it and earn the Free Fire rewards.

Note: The code is explicitly meant for the Indonesia server players. Those outside the server are not eligible to attain the items under any circumstances, as an error will crop up whenever they try to redeem the code.

Steps to redeem the code from the official website

If you wish to get all the rewards through the use of the redeem code without any error, then you may follow these steps:

Step 1: You may begin by accessing Free Fire’s website designed to utilize redeem codes.

According to an important notice on the website, you may not use a guest account while redeeming the code. Therefore, before visiting the webpage, open Free Fire and bind your account if you haven’t done so before.

Step 2: After visiting the website, you may log in to your Free Fire account using one of the several ways available.

Enter the redeem code (Image via Free Fire)
Enter the redeem code (Image via Free Fire)

Step 3: Then, input the redeem code and click the claim button.

Step 4: You can open Free Fire and subsequently visit the mail section to claim the rewards.

Step 5: Once all the tokens have been claimed, you may access the events tab to select the rewards of their preference.

The list of items are as follows:

Using Green Star tokens

Green star tokens (Image via Free Fire)
Green star tokens (Image via Free Fire)

Players will get both 2x Diamond Royal Vouchers and 2x Weapon Royale Vouchers.

Using Brave tokens

Brave tokens (Image via Free Fire)
Brave tokens (Image via Free Fire)

Users can only select one of the four options:

  • Alvaro
  • Kapella
  • Hunter in the Sky parachute
  • Speedster Bunny

Using Sky Crystal tokens

Sky Crystal (Image via Free Fire)
Sky Crystal (Image via Free Fire)

Only one of the four items will be available:

  • AK47 – Pumpkin Flames
  • Gloo Wall – Hysteria
  • Chicken emote
  • 3000x Universal

While the redeem code will be live for a few days, players are advised to use it up quickly.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan

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