Free Fire upcoming OB24 update patch notes announced

The patch notes for the upcoming Free Fire OB24 update have been announced (Image Credit: Garena Free Fire)
The patch notes for the upcoming Free Fire OB24 update have been announced (Image Credit: Garena Free Fire)
Aniket Thakkar

The OB24 update of Garena Free Fire is just around the corner. Players are all excited for the new update, which will roll out on 23rd September 2020, i.e today. Players will be able to directly update the game from Google Play Store and App Store once it is made available.

The latest update will bring in new weapons, a new spawn island, a new armoury menu, and more. Apart from this, several firearms and character adjustments have been made in the game.

The Free Fire OB24 update patch notes have also been revealed.

Free Fire OB24 update Patch Notes

What’s new:

  • New Weapon – PARAFAL: It is a new AR that will be available in Classic & Clash Squad after the patch. With super high stopping power and extreme range, players will be able to take down enemies from a distance with ease.
  • New Weapon - The Flamethrower: It will be available at Training Grounds only. Introducing the Flamethrower, a close-range secondary weapon that can burn everything down to the ground
  • New Grenade Mechanism: The players will be able to set up or cook the grenade before throwing them.
  • New Spawn Island: A new island designed for our 2020 Free Fire Continental Series will now available in the game after the update.
  • New Armory Menu: The new armoury menu will give the players an option to share screenshots of their weapon skins on social media and efficiently select the weapon skins as they are sorted.
  • New features in the Settings Menu: Players can now upload, download and overwrite their configuration in the settings menu. So there will be no need to change the settings every time they update the game.
  • New features in Training Ground: New Minigame - Target Arcade is now available; and a Private Movie Theater will be added in the training ground.
  • New Gameplay feature: Team Boost: Players can now jump higher by taking off from a crouched teammate
  • New Spawn Island: A new island designed for 2020 Free Fire Continental Series will now available in the game after the update.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Scan: The scan will now reveal the vehicle on the map.
  • Glider: Reduced Flying Altitude to 14.
  • Backpack Sorting: Players can now sort their backpack in-game
  • Clash Squad Rank Season 3 starts 09/24

Weapon Balance

  • P90: Rate of Fire increased by 3% and accuracy increased by 10%.
  • M14: Base & Minimum Damage Adjustment.
  • M14 Rage Core: Reduced Rate of Fire by 11%.
  • PLASMA: Increased accuracy.
  • Kar98k Biometric Scope: Reduced Aim Assist by 35%.

Character fixes

  • Jai: Jai’s skills have been buffed so that they could be useful in more situations. Reload Capacity%: 30/33/36/39/42/45 and Limited to | AR, Pistol, SMG, and SG.
  • Clu: The enemy will no longer see Clu once the skill is activated.

Clash Squad Store Adjustment

  • Added sound for purchasing mushrooms and Horizaline.
  • Players will no longer lose stars when they connect and win the match they have abandoned.
  • Players will receive fewer points on their rank shield (protection points) after Platinum Rank.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

  • Gloo walls can no longer displace players’ models.
  • Mushrooms can now be marked.
  • Players can now open the settings menu when they are spectating or dead.
  • Optimized the filter function in Free Fire store’s Armory.
  • Optimized MVP display for the winning/losing team for all close combat modes.
  • Optimized the model for the Jeep.
  • Optimized in-game active skill display.

You can watch the video below, which was released by Garena Free Fire, to know about other changes.


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