Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile Lite vs Hopeless Land: Which battle royale game is better for low-end smartphones?

Image via Hachwa (YouTube)
Image via Hachwa (YouTube)
Debolina Banerjee

Battle royale games are loved by players all over the world. These titles revolve around the theme of surviving in a hostile environment, as players land on a battlefield and try their best to be the last person standing.

Some of the best battle royale titles include PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and ScarFall: The Royale Combat. Unfortunately, many players cannot enjoy such games because of the high device requirements, but this article shortlists three BR offerings compatible with low-end devices:

  • PUBG Mobile Lite
  • Free Fire
  • Hopeless Land

Which game among Free Fire, PUBG Mobile Lite, and Hopeless Land is better for low-end devices?

All three are compatible with low-end devices. While PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire take up more than 500 MB, Hopeless Land uses less than 500 MB of storage space.

Image via TelecomTalk
Image via TelecomTalk

Going by game mechanics and graphics, Free Fire and PUBG Mobile Lite are way ahead. But players who have low-end phones will always opt for battle royale games with low device requirements, even if that means sacrificing graphics. This is where Hopeless Land wins out.

Image via DNA India
Image via DNA India

Hopeless Land follows the general rule of battle royale games, but where it differs is that the game supports 121 players per match, meaning that each round lasts for about 20 minutes.

The game also offers solid gameplay and a variety of weapons. A shrinking zone is also present to keep the players on the edge of their seats. The controls might be a little difficult for players to get used to initially, but overall, it is a good game considering how low the system requirements are.

PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire can also run on low-end phones, but the higher device space and occasional frame drops can be quite annoying.


To conclude, Hopeless Land is perhaps the best choice for players with low-end devices, given the features that it offers one exchange for the lesser storage space it takes. All three games are excellent in their own ways, but Hopeless Land may just be the best for those with limited mobile specs.

Note: This copy reflects the writer's personal views, and what may seem better for one may not be the same for another.

Edited by Ravi Iyer


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