Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile Lite: Which game has the better BR (battle royale) mode?

Comparing the battle royale modes of PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire (Image via Wallpaper iPhone)
Comparing the battle royale modes of PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire (Image via Wallpaper iPhone)
Soumyajit Dutta

Free Fire and PUBG Mobile Lite are probably two of the most famous battle royale titles in the Indian gaming community. Every day, new players are entering these games and experiencing the thrills of this mode.

The BR mode has the theme of the last man standing. Many players land together on an island and battle each other to win a match. PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire also share the same idea of surviving till the last. However, fans stand divided when it comes to which one has a better battle royale experience.

Comparing Free Fire and PUBG Mobile Lite

Battle Royale maps

Maps in Free Fire

Maps and modes in Free Fire (Image via Garena)
Maps and modes in Free Fire (Image via Garena)

Currently, Free Fire offers four battle royale maps to players. The arenas are diverse and unique in environment and structure, with plenty of obstacles, hills, and plateaus to make the gameplay experience better.

They are:

  • Bermuda
  • Bermuda Remastered
  • Kalahari
  • Purgatory

Maps in PUBG Mobile Lite


PUBG Mobile Lite has a much lesser variety in BR mode maps and currently offers only two maps: Varenga and Golden Woods. The former is a partial replica of the Erangel map in PUBG Mobile, while Golden Woods is an exclusive PUBG Mobile Lite map.

Gameplay mechanism and features

There are quite a few differences and similarities in the gameplay features and mechanisms of PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire. Both games have a vast arsenal ranging from assault rifles like AKM to utilities like smoke grenades and flashbangs.


However, Free Fire provides extra in-game features that PUBG Mobile Lite lacks. The former has characters and pets with unique abilities that players can use on the ground. The game also has gloo walls that act as an instant shelter while firing.

Verdict: Which is better?


Both titles have massive active user bases and unique gameplay approaches. Regarding better gameplay experience and extra BR features, Free Fire is the clear winner. However, every individual player has their preferences.

Those who have a knack for original battle royale games can opt for PUBG Mobile Lite as it offers a more realistic and life-like feel on the ground. Gamers who like to experiment with the BR concept can choose Free Fire.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinion of the writer.

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