Free Fire: Who is TSG Ritik?

Ritik Jain
Ritik Jain

Ever since I entered the Esports industry, people have had various questions about who I am. Some people couldn't stop talking about my life inside and outside the game.

After becoming an established YouTuber with my partner Jash, the questions increased, and the number of people following me also doubled. Today, I want to answer all the questions that have been asked.

So here goes!

Q. Who is TSG Ritik?

A: My in-game name is TSG Ritik, and I own a YouTube channel called Two-Side Gamers, with my cousin and teammate TSG Jash. We primarily produce content related to Free Fire and have created over 885 videos. I love gaming, and it's a crucial part of my life.

Q. How did TSG Ritik gain interest in gaming?

A: Before I started my YouTube channel, I wasn't much into gaming. Later on, I got to know more about the Esports culture and started gaming regularly.

Q. What does TSG Ritik do apart from gaming?

A: Apart from being a part of the gaming industry, I try to work on my father's business as well. Whatever time I have left after I've finished gaming for the day, I devote it to that.

Q. What social media handles does TSG Ritik has?

- You can find me on Instagram @Jain__Ritik

Q. What is your real name?

A: My real name is Ritik Jain.

. Q. Where is TSG Ritik from?

A: I was born and brought up in Thane, Mumbai.

Q. What did TSG Ritik do during his school days?

A: The best memory I have from my school days is when we used to bunk school and create videos. We once planted a Diwali bomb in our school washroom, which ended up landing me in trouble. But it was fun, nonetheless.

Q. Has TSG Ritik given any competitive exams?

A: No, I have not given any competitive exams yet.

Q. Where did TSG Ritik go to college?

A: I am doing my studies from KJ Somaiya Arts and Commerce College.

Q. Which city does TSG Ritik currently stay in?

A: I live in Thane, Mumbai.

Q. What do TSG Ritik parents think about his activities in gaming?

A: They do not know a lot about gaming, but still take out time to watch all my videos. Even though they hardly understand what I'm saying, they've been supportive.

Q How is your bond with your partner TSG Jash?

A: We are incredibly close to each other and are more like friends before brothers.

Q. Which is your favorite Indian Free Fire moment of all-time?

A: Winning the Asia Invitational Indian Qualifiers.

Q. What is TSG Ritik favorite food?

A: My favorite food that I'd say is a paneer wrap!

Q. What is TSG Ritik personal favorite moment in Free Fire?

A: My personal favorite moment has to be when we got featured in-game.

Q. Where can I buy TSG Ritik merchandise?

A: Coming soon.

Q. Where does TSG Ritik see himself in five years?

A: Kal Kisne Dekha? (Who has seen the future?)

I have many goals that I want to achieve in the next five years, but I don't see any point in revealing them until I achieve any of them.

Q. What question do fans ask you the most, and what is the answer?

A: Whenever I meet a random person, they confirm which TSG I am, TSG Ritik or TSG Jash. That's pretty funny!

Q. Do you have a competitive lineup?

A: Yes, I do. I'll share more details about the same soon.

Q. Who is your favorite player in your team?

A: My favorite player is Tsg•Legend.

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