Garena Free Fire MAX unlimited diamonds hack: Real or fake?

Everything about the diamond hacks in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)
Everything about the diamond hacks in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)

In Garena Free Fire MAX, diamonds are essential for making in-app purchases and other transactions. They help users acquire several items like skins, gloo walls, outfits, cards, characters, pets, and more. Apart from that, the currency is also crucial in various in-game events.

Therefore, users can observe a massive growth in diamonds' demand, and some spend plenty of real-world money on top-ups and memberships. However, many fans don't spend money due to it being unaffordable. Such users often search for ways to grab diamonds at no cost.

Players, especially the newbies, often come across hacks or generators that promise unlimited Free Fire MAX diamonds. However, diamond generators or hacks are often scams meant to harm users.

Free Fire MAX Diamond hacks: Why players should avoid such lucrative schemes


These diamond generators can be identified with misleading claims and keywords like "100% Working," "Get free diamonds," "Cheap diamonds here," "Generate 100,000 diamonds," and many more.

If players tap on such websites or download generator applications, there is a good chance of receiving malware instead of diamonds. Even if players can benefit from a diamond hack (hypothetically), they can get an account suspension due to the anti-hack policy.

Here's what Garena has to say regarding the cheap/free diamonds or other in-game items:

"Anyone who offers you free in-game stuff isn’t doing it to be nice. Money from gamers have become valuable scams for con artists. Only buy your in-game diamonds from legitimate sources, and never trust an offer that sounds too good to be true."

Moreover, as per Garena's anti-hack policy, it is illegal to use any mod, hack, or unauthorized game client that modifies the in-game data and provides an unfair advantage in terms of gameplay or other features.

Developers have reiterated the fact time and again that they have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to cheating. Thus, any player found guilty will be handed a permanent account and device suspension.

Therefore, it is for players' benefit to avoid diamond hacks in Free Fire MAX. Gamers can also avoid using any of the following hacks if they ever come across one:

  • Wall hack
  • Speed hack
  • Recoil hackJump hack
  • Headshot hack (aimbot)
  • Ammo hack
  • Unlimited gloo wall hack

Users should report other cheaters/hackers at Garena's help center by submitting a request for "Hacker Report."

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