Gyan Gaming's Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio and more

Gyan Gaming's Free Fire ID
Gyan Gaming's Free Fire ID
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The popularity of Free Fire has been on the rise ever since its release. Not only does the game have a massive player base but it also has an ever-increasing audience for game-related content. The mass popularity of Free Fire has, therefore, paved the way for the emergence and subsequent success of content creation relating to the game.

Gyan Gaming is one of the most famous Free Fire content creators in India. He is popularly known by his in-game alias ‘_GyanSujan_’. In this article, we will talk about his Free Fire ID, K/D ratio, stats and more.

Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire ID

Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire ID is 70393167, and his IGN is ‘_GyanSujan_’. He uses an emulator to play the game.

Gyan Gaming's Stats

Lifetime stats

Gyan Gaming's Lifetime Stats
Gyan Gaming's Lifetime Stats

_GyanSujan_ has played 15072 games in the squad mode and has emerged victorious in 5669 of them, with an impressive win rate of 37.62. He also has close to 50 thousand kills in the squad mode itself with a remarkable K/D ratio of 5.32.

However, _GyanSujan_ has played fewer duo and solo matches. In the duo mode, he has triumphed in 431 games out of the 1906 games that he has played. Meanwhile, he has 150 victories to his name in the solo mode.

Ranked Stats

Gyan Gaming's Ranked Stats
Gyan Gaming's Ranked Stats

_GyanSujan_ boasts of even more impressive stats in the current season. He has played 481 squad matches and has 213 wins to his name, with a notable win rate of 44.28. He has also registered 1944 kills with an incredible K/D ratio of 7.25.

Gyan Gaming's YouTube Channel

Gyan Gaming began his journey as a content creator over two years ago. He initially made content on Clash of Clans, which was a very popular game back then. He later made a switch to Free Fire and now has over 3.28 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, with 323 million combined views.

You can click here to visit his YouTube channel.

His social media accounts

Click here to visit his Instagram account.

Click here to visit his Facebook account.

Click here for his discord server.

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