How to aim better in Free Fire

Guide to aim better in Free Fire
Guide to aim better in Free Fire

Free Fire has become a popular name in the battle royale category since its release a few years ago. The game offers decent graphics and fast-paced battle royale action. A player can also choose from different weapons to be the only survivor and win the match.

Free Fire also has a vibrant esports scene that sees many tournaments happen. This means that many players look to become professionals and enjoy a fruitful career in esports. One way that gamers can reach the level of pros is by having a good aim. In this article, we discuss how to aim better in this title.

Tips to improve aiming in Free Fire


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Players uncomfortable with their control layout can change their setup, which will help improve their aim and reflexes. For instance, if someone is a thumb player, he/she can try out different three-finger or four-finger claw control setups. Getting the controls setup right will help gamers become better in Free Fire.

Sensitivity Settings

Best Free Fire sensitivity settings
Best Free Fire sensitivity settings

Another way to help enhance a player's aim in Free Fire is by changing their sensitivity settings and finding the perfect set of sensitivities for different scopes. Free Fire allows players to change sensitivity settings for scopes and other camera sensitivity options from the settings menu.

Here are some of the best sensitivity settings for players to aim better in Free Fire:

  • General: 100
  • Red Dot: 30
  • 2x Scope: 52
  • 4x Scope: 66
  • AWM Scope: 82

A player can tweak these settings to find the right sensitivity setting for various scope.

Aim Settings

Aim assist settings in Free Fire
Aim assist settings in Free Fire

This is similar to the aim assist feature in the PUBG Mobile. When a player sets it to default, it will help them connect more shots and eventually more headshots, knocking or killing opponents quickly. So, players can try out this setting by visiting the control menu from the in-game settings.

Practice new shots

Pro shots in Free Fire
Pro shots in Free Fire

A player with lousy aim can become superb in close, mid, and long-range combats by trying out new ways to shoot. The pro technique is jumps+shoot or crouch+shoot in Free Fire. These shots work in a sudden combat situations or when players want to surprise enemies.

However, they must remember not to copy others' techniques and use the one they are most comfortable with after trying out all the options.

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