How to use gloo walls like professional players in Free Fire

Gloo wall in Free Fire
Gloo wall in Free Fire
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Like every Battle Royale game, Free Fire requires players to play the game strategically in order to be the last person/team standing. Gaining a victory can be a tedious task as gamers need to deal with the shrinking safe zone and enemies at close counters.

While precision and skill do play a major role in determining the result of a Free Fire match, gamers should also emphasize having the best loadout to counter enemy attacks and strategy.

Free Fire offers a variety of weapons and other items that could be used to trap enemies and gain the upper hand during combat. Gloo walls are one of the items that can be used to gain victory in Free Fire if used the right way.

Gloo walls can change the course of a fight in Free Fire

Using gloo walls in Free Fire can significantly change the tides of combat. This item not only provides a cover for gamers but can be used to trick enemies as well. However, players should be aware of how to use it properly in the game to get better results.

1) Use it to distract enemies

Use gloo wall to cause enemy distraction
Use gloo wall to cause enemy distraction

It is a common thought that when a gloo wall is deployed, there will be a player hidden behind the covers. Almost every Free Fire gamer is aware of this. Players can use this to trick enemies and lead them to a trap.

Gamers can build a gloo wall and then crawl out from that position. In this way, they can evade the enemy by causing a distraction. Players can even deploy a gloo wall and change their position to take cover elsewhere. The gloo wall will attract enemies, and gamers can openly fire upon them from the new positions.

2) Trap enemies


Gamers can use the glue wall to trap enemies who are hidden inside any building. Campers hide inside the buildings and can be difficult to deal with unless they are brought out in the open.

Players can deploy a few gloo walls to corner these enemies, forcing them to reveal their position or step out of the house. As soon as they are out, gamers can openly attack them without any issue.

3) Two is better than one


Several gamers have complained that opponents with altitude advantage can easily damage players who are hidden behind gloo walls. While this poses as one of the significant issues of gloo walls, the solution is quite simple.

Gamers will just need to place several gloo walls adjacent to each other and then remain in a crouch or prone position. This will confuse enemies regarding the position of players and will prevent enemies from imparting damage towards them.

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