Fight For Your Punk Squad In Free Fire’s Latest Event, Spine Punk

Garena Free Fire
Garena Free Fire

Free Fire welcomes Survivors to a future filled with cybernetics, punk style, and spinal augmentations in its Spine Punk event. The latest event in the popular mobile battle royale game gives them a chance to earn an emote of their choice, exclusive futuristic skins, and join a Punk Squad to earn even more rewards.

On May 17, 2020, Survivors are encouraged to join Spine Punk Peak Day as they’ll earn one emote for simply logging in and playing one game. They can then fight to win an Evolution Stone, which is the only way to earn an Incubator Skin bundle. Procuring one won’t be easy as Survivors will need to Booyah once in Battle Royale mode to earn this extremely valuable item.

Prior and subsequent to Spine Punk Peak Day, Free Fire will hold several pre- and post-hype events. They include:

Let’s Punk Skull Exchange (May 9 - May 18)

Punk Skulls will be available to collect from airships flying over the game map, which can be exchanged to earn an Evolution Stone, the Spikey Spine Loot Crate, and the Punkster profile pic.

Punk Squad Event (May 13 - May 24)

This new experience has Survivors joining the Orange, Blue, or Purple Punk Squads. After joining, they’ll need to help their squad by completing Punk Mission Board objectives to contribute to their score in order to earn exclusive rewards, like the Street Dominance parachute and Spikey Spine Surfboard.

New Mode: Gun King (May 17 - May 24)

Survivors are presented with a random weapon at the start of their match. Once they complete a kill (or more), they’re then equipped with a new one that’s slightly more difficult to use. The first survivor to prove their mastery of anywhere between 13 to 16 weapons wins the game.

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Edited by Shashank Singh