“Free Fire MAX will reach audiences that its predecessor couldn’t”: Indranil “FABINDRO” Saha

TSM FTX 's Indranil "FABINDRO" Saha on Free Fire MAX (Image via Sportskeeda)
TSM FTX 's Indranil "FABINDRO" Saha on Free Fire MAX (Image via Sportskeeda)

With Garena Free Fire MAX on the horizon, fans of the title are quite excited to see just how many quality-of-life adjustments the devs will be bringing to the game.

Apart from the regular player base, professional Free Fire athletes too are giddy about MAX’s arrival. And TSM FTX’s Indranil “FABINDRO” Saha has been quite vocal about what fans can expect from Free Fire MAX once it finally gets its official launch.

Indranil is the IGL for TSM FTX’s Free FIre roster and was instrumental in helping the squad win the Esporte Premier League 2021. The competition was a franchised-based league, and TSM represented Mumbai Marshals.

In an interview with Abhishek Mallick of Sportskeeda Esports, Indranil opened up about his experiences in the recent competition and his thoughts on Free Fire MAX.

Here is an excerpt of the conversation.

Q. With Free Fire MAX on the horizon, Garena has successfully managed to create a lot of hype around the game. What are some of your expectations of the game, and do you feel that it will live up to them?

Indranil: I am extremely excited for Free Fire MAX myself. The graphics and gameplay look amazing, and I feel that Garena has done a great job with some of the things that they are trying to implement in the title. And I am sure that all of our expectations will be met.

Q. What do you feel will be some of the major differences between Free Fire and Free Fire MAX?

Indranil: I feel that Free Fire MAX will most definitely be an improved version of Free Fire. Hence, I expect that it will play significantly better with more features and improve on many of the aspects of its predecessor.

Q. Do you feel that Free Fire MAX’s enhanced graphics will affect those with low-end devices?

Indranil: While I do feel that Free Fire MAX will have much better graphics, I am confident that will run on all low-end devices. However, players will notice the majority of the enhancements when playing on high-end devices alone.

Q. As Battlegrounds Mobile India will be one of the biggest competitors for Free Fire MAX, do you feel that Garena’s upcoming title will affect the audiences of the former?

Indranil I think Free Fire MAX will reach audiences that its predecessor couldn’t. For a lot of players, the graphics and gameplay of Free Fire were not as appealing as some other titles in the genre. Hence, I feel that the new game will definitely attract new audiences.

Q. What would you feel will be some of the biggest impacts that Free Fire MAX will have on the Indian mobile esports scene when it goes live?

Indranil: It’s very hard to comment on something like this right now. But from what I have seen so far, I am quite hopeful

Q. TSM FTX recently won the Free Fire Esports Premier League, talk to us about some of the experiences that you had in the competition? What were your thoughts on how the org tried to help the region’s Free Fire grassroots through the event?

Indranil: It has been honestly incredible. We were honored by the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi for winning a tournament playing a video game. Honestly, it can’t get better than this and I am so happy for my team and the players and what we achieved. I am also very thankful to TSM for supporting us and giving us the opportunity to represent them. It was been incredible and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Q. What did you feel about the reach of ESPL 2021, in terms of video views, sponsors and registrations?

Indranil: ESPL has had a great response from the audience, and I would love to thank them for the amazing event that they were able to provide both players and audiences.

Q. Do you feel that Free Fire MAX will be able to do what its predecessor could not, and help the region’s grassroots grow?

Indrail: Well it’s too early to say anything on this matter right now. But I am hopeful for the future and feel that Free Fire MAX will benefit the entire community.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar
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