Free Fire OB25 update patch notes: New Akimo Vector, weapon balances, training island, and more

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Developers of Free Fire regularly bring updates for introducing new features to the game. The OB25 update will soon be releasing on 7th December, i.e., tomorrow.

Fans have been excited about the features that are set to be added to the game. Moreover, they'll also receive 2x Diamond Royale and 2x Weapon Royale Vouchers for updating the game between 7-12th December.

In this article, we list the patch notes of the OB25 update in Garena Free Fire.

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Free Fire OB25 update patch notes

Clash Squad

The new ranked season will start on December 8th at 2:30 PM IST.

  • The players will obtain Golden P90 for reaching Gold III or above.
  • New interface for Clash Squad
  • Improved matchmaking system
  • Adjustment in Clash Squad store
  • Preformed squads will be prioritized against other preformed squads.

New Weapon and Balancing

New weapon – Vector

The weapon will be available in the Classic Mode and Clash Squad mode. It is the first weapon that will feature the akimbo mode.

Here are the stats:

  • Damage: 22
  • Charger: 30
  • Rate of fire: 0.08


The frequency rate of the weapon has been adjusted in all modes.


The damage and reach of M4a1 has been increased. Here are the changes:

  • Damage: 28-> 29
  • Rate of fire: + 5%
  • Effective range: + 12.5%
  • Maximum recoil: -14%


  • Damage: 23-> 24
  • Indent: -11%

Advanced Weapons

Advanced attachments will be replaced by advanced weapons, which will be available at random locations.

Training Grounds

  • New currency: Bermuda Shells can be used to obtain Fireworks.
  • Music Arcade
  • Dynamic Lighting


Electric Surfboard

  • The electric board will be unequipped when players receive damage.
  • Cooldowns for activating surfboard, speed boost, and jumping.

System in-game changes and more

Elite Pass

  • New interface for pass missions.
  • Adjustment to mission mechanisms to enhance the user experience.
  • Elite and Veteran missions have been replaced with weekly missions.

Option to save two interfaces

  • The players can save two different HUD for different game modes.

Utility Menu

  • Players can rotate the HUD utility menu in the game.

Ranked Interface

  • New interface to check stats and rewards for both BR and Class Squad.

Free Fire Partners

  • Free Fire partners will receive special in-game badges.

Bug fixes and optimizations

  • Players can now follow the jump leader again.
  • Optimization of the kill camera in Classic Mode.
  • In-game optimization to improve control over movement.
  • Most secondary weapons will appear on players' models.

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