"PUBG Mobile's ban in India led to growth of Free Fire's player base": Popular Free Fire streamer Tau (JIGS Official)

Tau, Free Fire's newest content creation sensation (Image via Sportskeeda)
Tau, Free Fire's newest content creation sensation (Image via Sportskeeda)

Q5. What has been your favorite collaboration that Garena ever did to bring characters in-game?

Tau - My favorite collaboration was Ronaldo, as everyone didn't know about the game, but a lot already knew the famous footballer. When Garena announced the collaboration, a lot of users would have shown interest in the game.

Garena has another collaboration lined up with an Arab actor, so let's see how it goes with the players.

Q6. Do you feel that Free Fire has gained significant popularity with PUBG Mobile's ban in the country?

Tau - Those who used to play PUBG Mobile obviously got to know about Free Fire, another battle royale game, and they even tried it out. Some appreciated it, while others criticized it. At the end of the day, people will only play what they like.

But there is one sure thing that after the ban of PUBG Mobile, there has been growth in Free Fire's audience. Things never used to be the same in Free Fire, and we can see growth in all aspects of the game.

PUBG Mobile was definitely the strongest competition for Free Fire, but right now, its return is doubtful. Let's see what happens in the future.

Q7. What do you think are the significant differences between the PUBG Mobile and Free Fire competitive scenarios?

Tau - PUBG Mobile's competitive scene was far ahead of Free Fire before the ban. But now, Free Fire is growing a lot and is achieving huge milestones on official esports tournament live streams, so there is enormous scope.

PUBG Mobile's esports scene had grown significantly in one year, whereas Free Fire took around two years, and now, I think it is at a good pace and is evergrowing.

Q8. What do you think are the major differences between the PUBG Mobile and Free Fire creators?

Tau - Talking about both games' creators, in Free Fire, many of them have good numbers on their socials but don't have good face values compared to the creators of PUBG Mobile.

Every creator in PUBG Mobile has their individual presence and face value but not in Free Fire as of now.

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