"Only after the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India will we know how different this battle royale is from PUBG Mobile": Sourabh Kotnala of Sk28 Gaming

Sourabh Kotnala of Sk28 Gaming
Sourabh Kotnala of Sk28 Gaming
Abhishek Mallick

With Battlegrounds Mobile India gearing up to finally have its official launch later this month, many mobile esports personalities and content creators have been quite vocal about some of their expectations from Krafton’s upcoming title.

In an exclusive conversation with Sportskeda Esports’ Abhishek Mallick, popular Free Fire YouTuber Sourabh Kotnala of Sk28 gaming opened up about Battlegrounds Mobile India and what the community can look forward to.

Here is an excerpt of the interview.

Q. It’s just been over a year that you have created your YouTube channel Sk28 Gaming, and in this short while, you were able to amass over 1.60 million subscribers. Was this level of success something that you expected when starting out?


Sourabh: I did not expect this. In the beginning, everyone has low expectations of themselves, and only gradually do our expectations increase with time

Q. What got you into YouTube content creation? What inspired you to create that very first video for the channel?

I was not inspired by anyone for the content that I make, but the idea to start on YouTube was definitely inspired by the comedian Bhuvan Bam.


Q. What’s life like outside of Sk28 Gaming? Tell your fans about some of your aspirations in life, and what you are pursuing outside of creating content.

Sourabh: My life outside of my channel is very simple. There are many dreams in life and one of them is to become a businessman. I am studying outside of Content Creating. It's my third year of college right now

Q. How is the atmosphere back at home? What do your parents think about your career as a YouTube content creator?

Sourabh: The family members are happy and they have full faith in me. And see me positively as a YouTuber in the future

Q. Free Fire has been the game that you have created your entire channel around. What about this battle royale makes you want to constantly make so much content on?

Sourabh: If we talk about battle royal games, then I would not be content with any other battle royal game other than Free Fire.


Q. After the PUBG Mobile ban, Free Fire did indeed get a large boost in terms of both player and community participation. Do you feel that after Battlegrounds Mobile India finally gets its official launch, the migrated players will be moving back?

Sourabh: After the launch in Battleground Mobile India, I don't think the migrated players will go back. Because Garena has significantly upgraded Free Fire in just a few months. Due to this Free Fire has become even more interesting.

If Battleground Mobile India gives a tough competition to Free Fire then it might be possible here

Q. What is your personal take on Battlegrounds Mobile India? How different do you think it will be from PUBGM?


Sourabh: When I saw Battlegrounds Mobile India on the Play Store, seeing some banners there, I felt that it is exactly like PUBGM. But only after the launch of this game will you know how different it is from PUBGM.

Q. With Battlegrounds Mobile India coming, how much do you think the mobile esports scene of India will change when the game finally goes live?

Sourabh: Battleground Mobile India will definitely succeed here. So mobile esport will become much stronger.

Q. What’s the future like for Sk28 Gaming? What can fans of the channel expect in the coming months?

Sourabh: We will soon complete 2 million subscribers on SK28 Gaming, and I am thinking of trying even more new content related to Free Fire on my channel.

Q. Will Free Fire be the only title that you will put all your focus on in the near future or will there be another title that you would like to start making content on?


Sourabh: Apart from Free Fire, there are more titles in my channel which I have thought of making in the future. But its time is not fixed yet, so I do not want to disclose that as of yet. Besides sk28 gaming, one other channel of mine is Saurabh Kotnala in which I create vlogs

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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