SVD gun in Free Fire: All you need to know

The SVD in Free Fire (Picture Courtesy:
The SVD in Free Fire (Picture Courtesy:

Free Fire is a quick-paced battle royale game that is published by Garena. The game runs smoothly on low-end devices and features only 50 players in a match. It currently has over 500 million downloads on Google Play Store. This ever-growing user base can be attributed to the frequent introduction of exciting events, new modes, costumes and characters in the game.

Like any other game of the battle royale genre, Free Fire has a wide variety of firearms which fall under various categories. However, according to the official website, the game doesn’t have a specific category for DMRs. In this article, we will discuss the features of one of the ARs in the game: the SVD.

All you need to know about SVD in Free Fire

The SVD is a very popular weapon among players in Free Fire. The gun is only found in the Supply and Resupply drops, making it rare and tough to obtain. The firearm uses AR-type ammunition. Here are the stats of the SVD, according to the official website.

Stats of the SVD in Free Fire (Picture Courtesy:
Stats of the SVD in Free Fire (Picture Courtesy:

Damage - 89

Rate of Fire - 35

Range - 80

Reload Speed - 41

Magazine - 10

Accuracy - 51

Movement speed - 62

Armour Penetration – 67

The official description also states that the gun is an automatic sniper. The description reads:

“Dragunov is a very accurate and powerful automatic sniper rifle that only appears in resupply points and airdrops.”

By looking at the stats, players can easily identify the gun as an automatic sniper (DMR in PUBG Mobile). It has greater damage and fire rate when compared to ARs and snipers, respectively. However, according to the official site, it has been placed in the AR category.

All the attachments, except the scope, can be utilised with the SVD. This is because it already comes with a permanent 4x scope attached to it. The gun is quite lethal and will surely provide players with some advantage over their enemies in mid-range to long-range fights.

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