Top 5 tips for surviving till the end in Garena Free Fire

Tips for surviving longer in Garena Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Tips for surviving longer in Garena Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Gamers who aspire to claim victory in Free Fire should learn how to survive till the very end. Survival is a key determinant of success in any battle royale game, and Garena's offering is no exception.

Survival skills also come in handy while ranking up the tiers. Players who survive longer pick up the most points that are beneficial for a rank push. Even if they miss out on pole position, the points accumulated give a significant boost while ranking up.

Survival is not an easy task as several factors can influence gameplay. Therefore, users must follow specific tips and tricks to survive longer in the Garena Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire: Survival is easier if gamers follow certain tips

5) Get a proper squad

Although Free Fire offers three different modes, most gamers prefer to enter the match with their friends in the squad mode. While title game is meant for enjoyment with friends and acquaintances, they become a liability at times.

Players are advised to get proper teammates who are responsible and know their roles in the team. This not only helps create a balanced team but also helps make survival easy for everyone.

4) Avoid hot drops

Popular locations on the map provide excellent loot to gamers. As a result, most of them prefer dropping into these hot drops. However, these locations are notoriously popular due to intense actions, and survival becomes quite difficult.

Therefore, users should drop onto safe locations and prepare themselves slowly but steadily for a better chance at surviving till the end.

3) Loot adequate items

Actions are unpredictable in the Free Fire. Players can come face to face with enemies at any point, so they are advised to pick adequate ammunition to help them survive till the end of the game.

Gamers should also focus on picking up adequate health supplies and other utility items.

2) Move stealthily

The shrinking safe zone will demand gamers to change their position every now and then. However, they should always maintain their guard and stealthily move across the map.

This will prevent opponents from getting the exact location of players and help them survive longer on the map.

1) Always have a cover

Players often forget to take adequate cover during a Free Fire match. They openly run around the fields and expose themselves to enemy bullets, making survival quite tricky.

Users should always make it a point to use natural resources such as rocks, shrubs, and trees as cover. Even when near POIs, they should remember to stay hidden inside buildings or behind walls to stay out of the enemy's radar.

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