Top 3 tips for gloo walls in Free Fire for maximum benefits

Image via Free Fire
Image via Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the top BR games that feature fast 50-player matches. As the safe zone shrinks rapidly, players are sure to bump into each other and call for a one-on-one encounter.

As the battles are short, there is little time to think and act. This is why reacting quickly is vital for survival. Gloo wall is one such handy item that provides quick protection

Some top tips on how to use gloo walls in Free Fire

1) Hold down the gloo grenade button as you run

Enlarge the gloo wall button. (Image via Free Fire)
Enlarge the gloo wall button. (Image via Free Fire)

The basic function of a gloo wall is to shield the player from sudden bullets. To make this possible, the gloo wall button should be easily visible and quickly accessible.

Beginners might get a little baffled and may be slower than the pros. Last-minute panic can be avoided by enlarging the gloo wall button and placing it in a spot that's convenient to tap.

When players start using gloo walls, they might not be too quick. But, with time and practice, the agility increases.

2) Combine gloo walls with other items

Smoke grenades + Gloo walls is a winning combo. (Image via Free Fire)
Smoke grenades + Gloo walls is a winning combo. (Image via Free Fire)

Whether playing in a squad or going solo, gloo walls are best used with other items. For instance, gloo walls plus smoke grenades are the best combination for trapping enemies inside the shelters with a squad.

To ensure full cover from the gloo wall, players should crouch. To avoid being shot from an elevated area and get protection from grenades, stack two gloo walls upon each other.

Similarly, surprise grenades can be tossed from behind gloo walls to deal some extra damage.

3) Escaping, distracting, and shielding

Image via Free Fire
Image via Free Fire

If used correctly, gloo walls can actually make a seemingly impossible escape possible. Deploy double gloo walls and dash to a more solid cover.

For the last showdown, deploy multiple gloo walls and find solid cover. This will distract the enemies, as they'll try to take down the walls and reveal their location.

Changing hideouts and dashing to shelters is safer with gloo walls. Note that SVD can punch a hole through gloo walls. The best way to counter this is to deploy double gloo walls.

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