Top 5 tips to win last zone fights in Free Fire

How to win Free Fire last zone battles
How to win Free Fire last zone battles
Francis Banerjee

Free Fire has come out as one of the most refined battle royale games of recent times. The popular title from Garena has garnered a dedicated fan base in recent years. Its low system requirement has made it extremely popular among gamers.

Like all other BR games, survival and elimination of enemies are the objectives to ensure a victory in Free Fire. Gamers also need to be aware of impending danger zones that shrink at regular intervals.

The final zone is highly crucial as it demarcates between the winner and the second place holder. Surviving here is complex, and players should follow certain tips to win last zone fights in Free Fire.

Free Fire: Strategy and supply will determine the winner of the last zone

1) Weapons


The perfect choice of weapon plays a significant role during last zone fights. It is small, and within this small area, gamers need to eliminate enemies and survive. Therefore, they are advised to carry ARs or SMGs.

For the second weapon, users can carry a shotgun, as it inflicts significant damage on opponents and can be beneficial for last zone survival.

2) Grenades and other utilities


Grenades come in handy during the last zone of survival in Free Fire. Opponents hiding in the bushes and taking cover behind walls can be taken out with the grenades.

A perfectly thrown grenade can knock out opponents and even eliminate them. Therefore, gamers should carry adequate grenades for the last zone fights in Free Fire.

3) Health utilities and consumables


Health utilities and consumables are essential requirements during the last zone fights in Free Fire. Players should stack the necessary items and use them accordingly.

During the last zone, fights take place at close range, and they can suffer significant damage. Therefore, gamers should revive themselves adequately before engaging in further duels.

4) Stay hidden and do not rush


One of the biggest errors users make is to rush out during the last zone. This exposes their position in the last zone in Free Fire, and opponents get the advantage to eliminate them and emerge victorious.

Gamers should maintain complete silence and stay hidden to evade the eyes of their enemies. They can take the help of any building or tall vegetation to keep themselves hidden from enemy bullets.

5) Crouch and prone


During the last zone, players might have to change their positions on the map to better aim at enemies or get hold of a proper hideout. However, moving around the map carelessly will expose their position, and they can become soft targets.

Gamers should always maintain their secrecy and move around the last zone while crouching or in the prone position. In no way should they run around and jump unnecessarily, as that can prove fatal.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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