Total Gaming (Ajjubhai)'s inspirational journey, family support, challenges, daily schedule, streaming career, and more

Total Gaming (Ajjubhai)'s Free Fire journey and challenges recapped
Total Gaming (Ajjubhai)'s Free Fire journey and challenges recapped
Total Gaming

Touching almost 28 million subscribers on YouTube was never an agenda or goal, as Total Gaming, aka Ajjubhai, just wanted to build a gaming community to play along with. The journey to becoming one of India’s leading gamers started in 2018 when I was extensively consuming gaming content online.

I was fascinated, seeing how people created their own gaming community to play along with fellow gamers. Having no friends with similar interests, I wanted to build connections with people online and play along with them.

I started with an intent just to make friends and play, and I was super happy to see that three to four people started watching and playing with me. So allow me to take you through my journey as a Garena Free Fire content creator.

It all started with a phone and a game


I started consuming gaming content at my office as it provided me with fantastic and stable internet. I used to watch many gamers and streamers playing PUBG on mobile back then, and I, too, wanted to try that.

However, I owned a phone with limited space and hence, couldn’t download and play PUBG. Spending more time on gaming YouTube, I discovered Free Fire, which I then downloaded on my phone.

It became the first game that I ever played. I hadn’t even played the inbuilt phone or video games until then. Since then, I have been emotionally attached to this game, which is why I play it so often.

The atmosphere at home: Family support

“What is YouTube? What is gaming?”

That is how my family reacts every time I talk to them about it. I spoke to them about this very recently, and funnily, it didn’t bother them as I was doing my job too. I had initially discussed my gaming channel with my brother, who is supportive and helps me whenever I am stuck between gaming and work.

Some challenges that I regularly face

The biggest challenge has been to keep audiences engaged as I haven’t revealed my face yet. But all I know is to overcome this challenge, I have to take a risk and invest my time and efforts in creating unique content to keep them hooked.

I recently dubbed an English game (Assassin’s Creed Valhalla) to Hindi, which is the first in the industry. People widely accepted and engaged with that series, and I am working on more such content to stand out in the gamers market.

Yet another challenge I recall is when YouTube once suspended my channel because of spammers during my initial days. I had about three lakh followers then.

This was a stressful time for me. However, I did get the channel back in 24 hours, but I couldn’t upload any content for a few days. It hampered my viewership and took me almost a month to get back to where I was.

Being a working professional, this is how I manage my day

Earlier, I used to live stream in the morning every time I got time. But this is not what I wanted, as I wanted to play more. Therefore, I just made a fixed schedule a few months back.

Now, I focus on work between 7 am to 12 noon, and the remaining time goes into gaming. On days when I have a lot of gaming planned, I make sure to manage my work by giving at least half a day to it.

Through my journey, I would like to say – Clean content works!


I have always believed that it is clean content with no foul language that has helped me create a niche and kept people hooked to my channel. I only played and shared my experience.

People of all age groups consume streaming content. With smart TVs coming in, many also watch on their television with the family. Therefore, I have always believed in streaming content that doesn’t have abusive language.

I have coined a term (“chimkandi” — which absolutely has no meaning) to use at times when I am frustrated or excited. This way, I am not making people who are watching my content with their families uncomfortable.

Also, it is usually kids who consume my content. I in no way want them to learn or be exposed to something that they shouldn’t be.

Edited by Ravi Iyer


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