Who is Triggered Insaan?

Nischay Malhan, aka Triggered Insaan
Nischay Malhan, aka Triggered Insaan
Triggered Insaan

It has been a tremendous journey for me, i.e., Triggered Insaan, so far, from quitting my job to following my passion for content creation. People watch my streams and videos on YouTube and have many questions about my life outside of that world.

And now, I want to answer all of them! For all those who want to know who Live Insaan/Triggered Insaan is, here goes!

Q. Who is Triggered Insaan?

A: I will say that Triggered Insaan is just a kid who completed his Engineering and then decided to follow his passion for creating videos on YouTube.

Q.How did Triggered Insaan/Live Insaan gain interest in gaming?

A: I had an interest in gaming since my childhood, and played most available games on the PlayStation 1 and 2. But it was in the third year of college, where one of my seniors had a gaming laptop in which he used to play GTA, but used to bully me a lot, where things went up a notch.

I then convinced my father to get me a new laptop for 'coding', but instead, I used to play games on it! I played a lot of GTA 5, which further piqued my interest in gaming, and that was the first time I decided to stream on YouTube.

Q: What does Triggered Insaan do apart from the gaming?

A: I have two YouTube channels: Triggered Insaan and Live Insaan. I post comedy, rants, and roasts on the first one, while dedicating gaming content to the latter. I post every type of content on Triggered Insaan, including vlogs.

Apart from YouTube, I had a job (basically an internship) where I worked for six months, but I later decided not to continue due to certain reasons. And now, I am a full-time YouTuber.

Q: What social media handles does Triggered Insaan have?

A: These are my active social media handles:

YouTube: Triggered Insaan and Live Insaan

Instagram and Twitter: @triggeredinsaan

I am not present on any other social media platforms.

Q: What is Triggered Insaan's real name?

A: My real name is Nischay Malhan.

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Q: Where is Triggered Insaan from?

A: I am from New Delhi.

Q: What did Triggered Insaan do during his school days?

A: I was the school topper and used to give full attention to academics. I was decent in sports till Class 8, but later, completely started focusing on studies. I used to be second or third in the class, as the girls always used be No 1!

Q: Has Triggered Insaan given any competitive exams?

A: Yes, I have given all competitive exams which are required for Engineering, including JEE Mains, JEE Advance, Bits Pilani, IP University and many more. I also appeared for the NTSE in Class 8, and also the SAT, just to check my flow with the English languageand I guess I scored roughly 2100-2200 out of 2400.

Q: Where did Triggered Insaan go to college?

A: I completed my Engineering from IIIT, Delhi.

Q: What did Triggered Insaan's parents think about his activities in gaming?

A: My parents were a little bit concerned, but always supported me, as I used to manage my education with other activities. They were fine as I used to get good grades.

Q: Which city does Triggered Insaan currently stay in?

A: I currently stay in New Delhi.

Q: What is Triggered Insaan's favourite food?

A: My mother's hand-made dosa and the Mcdonald's McSpicy Paneer Burger are two dishes I love the most.

Q: What is Triggered Insaan's favourite moment in PUBG Mobile?

A: I was streaming on a different platform and playing PUBG Mobile, and recall that it was a solo game where I was travelling in a Buggy. I changed my seat in the moving vehicle and killed an enemy that was behind me. It was a very proud moment for me as I made a very good move in-game.

Q: What is Triggered Insaan's favourite moment in GTA 5?

A: GTA is trending these days in the country, but I had completed the game three years ago. I completed both the story and online modes. My personal favourite moment was when I completed the last Pacific Heist without losing any money.

Q: What is Triggered Insaan's PUBG Mobile ID?

A: My in-game name is LiveInsaan, and character ID is 5183953859.

Live Insaan's PUBG Mobile ID
Live Insaan's PUBG Mobile ID

Q: Where can someone buy Triggered Insaan merchandise?

A: As of now, I do not have any merchandise for both my channels, but very soon, I will come up with the same.

Q: Where does Triggered Insaan see himself in five years?

A: I haven't thought about it, but one of my goals is that my name "Nischay Malhan" becomes a brand, and also a side business from where I have an additional source of income. I just want my life to be a little chill in the upcoming years, as it is hectic for me to perform so many tasks at the same time.

This involves posting around four videos per week, and maintaining both my channels. Along with that, I also manage my social media handles: Instagram and Twitter, and even reply to my business mails.

I don't have a dedicated team for all these tasks. I want to be a little free over the next few years, and think I will post two videos per week.

Q: What question do fans ask you the most, and what is the answer?

A: My fans ask me these two questions the most:

Q1: How much do you earn?

A1: The answer is variable, as income from YouTube is always fluctuating, unlike any other job. There are times when it is very good, but there are also months when it is not. There are many factors such as the CPM rate at Adsense. For example, the rates for ads are high during holidays.

But all I can say is I earn more than at my previous job, and that's the reason I am a full-time YouTuber. Ignoring the monetary aspect, I love my job as I like to create videos, and also, I'm a bit of an introvert and like staying at home.

Q2: Who is your girlfriend? Do you have a girlfriend?

A2: The answer is NO, currently, I don't have a girlfriend, but I'd like to recall a popular proverb: "himmate marda madade khuda". I mean Apna Time Aaega!

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