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Salgado’s purple army

Join us tomorrow for the finals as Ryan Giggs’ Mumbai will face Michel Salgado’s Kochi. Thanks for joining us tonight, we wrap up the live coverage now.

Michel Salgado has been a great leader and Kochi has made it to the finals against all odds.

THERE IS THE FULL-TIME WHISTLE. Go, Goa …. GONE! Kochi is going to the finals of the Premier Futsal tournament.

40’ Vampeta is fouled in a crucial counter. Moraes gets an orange card

39’ Vampetaaa. Goa are so close to scoring but just cannot find the back of the net.

38’ CAFUUUUU. So close. He’s claiming for a foul but the referee is not convinced.

37’ Goa are going to bring on an outfield player for their goalkeeper. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

37’ Goa with 20 shots on goal but only one goal.

36’ GOAAAA. Again. So close. They are very close to scoring. I can sense a goal here.

34’ WOW! What a shot. Goa are so close again. Hit the inside of the post.

33’ Great defending from Salgado. Fantastic from the ex-Galactico.

32’ The Goan crowd is right behind their men.

31’ The final quarter has begun with Goa looking for a goal.

The third quarter comes to an end with Kochi having a narrow lead. Interesting quarter coming up.

30’ Raphaellll. What a shot. So close. Now Bebe with a splendid shot but the Kochi keeper saves his counterpart’s shot.

30’ Corner for Goa. Nothing significant from the corner. Poor from Goa.

28’ Kochi with another shot but its way over the crossbar.

27’ WHAT A GOALLLLL!! Chaguinha. So subtle from Chaguinha. It’s a blunder from Bebe. Great presence of mind from Chaguinha.

26’ What a save. Vampeta and Raphael combine well but Raphael’s shot is saved.

26’ It’s Kochi now who are looking to score but Goa’s defense is good as well.

24’ Vampeta is looking to make some space. He finally finds space but another Kochi defender is there to steal the ball.

22’ GOALLLL!!! VAMPETAAAAAAA. Goa are back in the game and the home crowd is delighted. Their patience has paid off.

21’ The second half has begun.

The first half comes to an end. It’s 1-0 in Kochi’s favour.

20’ Raphael with a fantastic bit of play but Cafu’s shot is well away.

20’ Moraes is fouled by Raphael. Foul number four by Goa.

19’ Cafu claims for a foul but the referee isn’t convinced.

17’ Rapahellll. He hits the post with a fantastic shot. So close for Goa.

17’ Great defending from Salgado. Fantastic.

16’ Kochi’s defense is like the Great Wall of China. Tall and strong.

14’ Vampeta should have passed it into Silva but he goes for a toe poke from a tight angle. Poor choice.

13’ GOALLLLL!!!!! Chaguinha with the goal. And Kochi are ahead.

12’ Another attack but Vampeta cannot control Raphael’s pass. This is bad for Goa.

12’ Vampeta with a shot but his shot is wide.

11’ Goa with the ball and Vampeta looking for space.

The first quarter comes to an end. A bit slow in terms of the tempo. We should see more intensity from both teams in the second quarter.

10’ Raphael’s shot is saved by the keeper.

9’ Vampeta looking for space but Kochi’s defense is strong again. Kochi gives away a foul now.

8’ Silly foul from Cafu. They’re adding onto their foul count with two already in the first quarter.

7’ Kochi with a good attack and Anupam with a shot. Great chance for the Indian.

6’ Goa are looking to break down the Kochi defense but as always, the Kochi defence is unbreakable.

5’ Oh dear! Cafu can’t control an easy pass. Looks like even great men succumb to pressure.

4’ Goa’s throw in is met by Cafu’s head but his header is over.

2’ Salgadoooo! After a great nutmeg, he blasts a shot on goal but it’s saved.

1’ Kochi kick the game off and are turning on the heat already. Salgado’s men look like their on a mission.

Welcome to the live coverage of the second semi-finals as Michel Salgado’s Kochi 5s take on Cafu’s Goa 5s.

Line Ups:

Goa 5s:

Coach: Octavio Gomes De Oliveira Junior; Marquee player: Cafu; International futsallers: Bebe (GK), Vampeta, Rafael, Georgievsky; Freestyler: Adonias; Indian futsallers: Michael Silva, Fredsan Marshall, Caitano, Vatsal (GK), Mohammed Ahtesham Ali, Praveendran

Kochi 5s:

Coach: Sergio Sapo; Marquee player: Michel Salgado; International futsallers: Casalone (GK), Chaguinha, Deivis Moraes, Gekabert; Freestyler: Emil; Indian futsallers: Muhammad Ameer, Basil, Yashwant Kumar (GK), Ansh, Stalin Daniel, Anupam

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