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Premier Futsal league Live Score (2-4): Goa 5s vs Kolkata 5s Live Match Scores & Updates Online

Sri Nishanth
7.38K   //    15 Jul 2016, 20:06 IST

Hernan Crespo is thrilled by the crowd and is very thankful for this opportunity. He says his first time in India has surprised him and he feels very good to be here. With this we bring the live coverage to an end. 

The referee blows the final whistle to bring another exciting game to an end. Kolkata wins the game 4-2 and goes top of the table on matchday one. Ronaldinho waves to his fans who are thrilled to have the Brazillian here! 

40’ Ronaldinho attempts to create two chances but both are shut down by the Kolkata defense.

39’ Kolkata are looking to run down the clock with a series of passes. 

38’ Ronaldinho makes a good run down the center but his shot is just inches wide. 

37’ Kolkata break through with a counter but this shot is blocked. 

35’ Goalkeeper Bebe run through his opposition but is unable to get a shot. The crowd is delighted. 

34’ OWN GOAL! Crespo’s attempted lay off is met by the Goa defender who puts it in his net. 

33’ Raphael makes another good run for Goa but his shot is wide. Great bit of skill though. 

32’ Vampeta makes a brilliant run down the left flank but his attempted chip is too high. 

31’ Crespo has a shot wide after Kolkata start a quick attack. 

The referee brings the third quarter to an end. 

29’ GOAL! Goa have another one back from Vampeta. 

28’ Crespo takes a weak from a counter. The Goa keeper starts an attack which ends with Vampeta attempting to trick the keeper for a goal. 

27’ Vampeta passed the ball down to the right flank and Goa take a shot which is saved. Raphael takes a shot from the corner but it is saved.

26’ Kolkata look to build an attack from the back but Goa quickly win the ball back. 

24’  Vander takes the free kick and passes it to Crespo who scores a goal. 1-3 to Kolkata.

23’ Pula makes a powerful run down the right wing but is brought down by the Goa defender. 

22’ After the goal, both teams exchange a series of passes that lead to nothing significant. 

21’ GOAL! Goa start the second half on a positive note with a goal from Raphael. 

The referee blows his whistle which brings to an end a rather uninteresting second quarter. 

20’ Both teams unable to pull off anything significant. 

19’ Ronaldinho has a fantastic volley slightly off target. 

18’ Vampeta has a shot on goal but it is saved by the Kolkata keeper.

17’ Vampeta pulls off a lovely skill but Goa is unable to score a goal. 

16’ Kolkata are holding the ball very well in this quarter. Goa is finding it hard to break the Kolkata defense.

15’ Pula attempts a shot but it is blocked by the Goa defense. 

13' Ronaldinho finds himself in the Kolkata goalkeeper's box and tries to score a goal with a drag back but is unsuccessful. 

12’ Its Kolkata now who are keeping possession really well. They are looking build an attack patiently. 

11’ The second quarter is underway. Goa is looking to build an attack but Vampeta’s pass in unsuccessful.

The referee blows his whistle to bring the first quarter to an end. 

10’ Kolkata makes series of beautiful passes and work their way into the Goa half but are unable to get a shot on goal. 

9’ Another foul! This time by Goa. Pula takes a shot which hits the defender. 

7’ Ronaldinho is fouled deep in the Kolkata half. Goa’s free kick is not productive as Ronaldinho plays it short. 

6’ GOAL AGAIN! Kolkata find themselves in a 3 vs 1 situation which leads to another goal. Mohammed Islam is the first Indian to score a goal in the tournament. 

5’ GOAL! Pula scores for Kolkata 

4’ Goa quickly start an attack with Ronaldinho sending his striker through on goal but his shot is saved.

4’ Ronaldinho tried to chip the goalkeeper but is unsuccessful. Crespo now gets the ball on the left flank and attempts a shot which is saved. 

3’ Kolkata take a long shot which is saved by the Goa keeper. Kolkata win the ball again but their shot is just wide by inches. 

2’ Crespo has a quick shot which is saved by the Goa keeper. The shot from the rebound is too high

1’ Kolkata start the game with a quick attack. Goa win the ball and give it to Ronaldinho who attracts loud roars of cheers from the crowd. 

Kolkata 5s are dressing in a red and white jersey while Goa’s jersey is a shade of dark blue and white. 

Welcome to the live coverage of the second game of the Premier Futsal tournament. We have just witnessed a fantastic first game with Chennai taking on Mumbai is a game that they lost 2-4. The crowd will be hoping that the second game could be just as exciting. 

Goa boasts one of the most decorated players of the generation in Brazil's Ronaldinho, who is their marquee player.Goa also has Brazilian Vampeta, winner of the Copa America in 1999 and also someone who was part of the Selecao’s FIFA World Cup winning squad in 2002. Goa is being coached by Octavio Gomes De Oliveira Junior.

The Kolkata 5s’ marquee player is the legendary Argentine Hernan Crespo. Crespo who was one of the best strikers in Europe in the early 2000s. He'll be leading a Kolkata team which also has popular futsal players like Cidao and Pula. Another exciting watch in this team should be the freestyler, Dida, very popular for his tricks and skills. Kolkata will be coached by Spaniard Christian Roldan


Goa 5s Coach: Octavio Gomes De Oliveira Junior Marquee player: Ronaldinho International futsal players: Bebe (GK), Vampeta, Rafael, Georgievsky Freestyler: Adonias Indian futsal players: Michael Silva, Fredsan Marshall, Caitano, Vatsal (GK), Mohammed Ahtesham Ali, Praveendran

Kolkata 5s Coach: Christian Roldan Marquee player: Hernan Crespo International futsal players: Cidao (GK), Pula, Gabriel, Vander Carioca, Majdoub Freestyler: Dida Indian futsal players: Mohammedohamm Islam, Amit Pal (GK), Subrata Dey, Pradeep Shaw, Akshay Nair, Mayur Shellar

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