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Premier Futsal league Live Score (1-1): Mumbai 5s vs Kochi 5s, Live Match Scores & Updates Online

Sri Nishanth
24 Jul 2016, 18:48 IST

Thanks for joining us throughout the tournament. We end the live coverage here. 

Kochi must be proud of their progress. They have been fantastic throughout the tournament. 

After a fantastic, dramatic penalty shoot-out Mumbai have won the tournament. Deserving winners. What a moment for the men in blue. Ryan Giggs adds to his illustrious trophy cabinet. 


What a penalty from the Mumbai keeper. Fantastic. NUTMEG!

Salgado sends his penalty to the moon. What is happening! 

Ryan Giggs misses for Mumbai. 

Gekabert with a calm penalty. What a goal. 

Mumbai reserve keeper Perez scores. What a goal. 



Moraes misses the chance to win the tournament. 

Kevin Ramirez misses for Mumbai. 

Paulinho misses. 

Angellot scores! Its back level. 

Chaguinha scores. Kochi lead. 

Foglia misses! 

AND WE ARE DONE. The full-time whistle is blown and we dont have a winner. Penalties it is. 

40’ Are we heading towards a penalty shoot-out or do we have a bit more drama left in the game? 

39’ GOALLLLL!! MUMBAIIIIII. Angellot pulls off a sombero to score an unreal goal. Goal of the tournament maybe? He celebrates with Falcao. What a goal from Angellot

38’ Corner from Mumbai. STAT: 24 shots from Mumbai, 10 for Kochi. 

37’ Foul from Foglia. He’s already on an orange card. Mumbai are in foul trouble now. 

36’ Kevin Ramirezzzzz. So close. Chaguinha with the block. 

35’ Chaguinha with a brilliant run but Anupam’s shot doesn’t trouble the keeper. Now Foglia shows that he can do what Chaguinha can on the counter. 

34’ Angellot controls the throw in well but is unable to get a shot on goal. 

33’ What an effort from Foglia. Fantastic effort from the number 9. Good reflex from Casalone. 

32’ Foul! Salgado with the foul. It’s foul number 3 for Kochi. Foglia will take the freekick. Great effort but its narrowly wide. 

31’ Foglia finds a bit of space but Moraes with an amazing tackle to block his shot. Commitment. 

31’ Mumbai kick the final quarter of the tournament off. 

The third quarter comes to an end with Kochi still in the lead. 

30’ Angelott with a fantastic bit of skills. He beats two men but the third man Moraes was one too many for him. 

29’ Corner for Mumbai again. Yet again Kochi’s defence holds strong. 

28’ Freekick for Mumbai. They attempt a series of shots but are unable to score. 

26’ Giggs’ shot is saved and Angellot’s shot is saved as well. 

25’ Angellot’s shot is deflected into Foglia’s path. The Italian is however down on the floor and tries to go for an unconventional shot but it’s just a bit wide for him. 

24’ Ryan Giggs attempts a shot but he missed it and Foglia’s shot is deflected wide. 

23’ SALGADOOOOOOOO. Is that a goal? Is it not? So unlucky. It was an indirect freekick and hence Salgado’s goal is disallowed. 

22’ Majority of the possession with Mumbai at the moment. Mumbai with another foul and looks like they are in foul trouble now. 

21’ Kevin Ramirez’s shot is deflected by Moraes. Corner for Mumbai. 

The second quarter comes to an end with the score 1-0 to Kochi. 

20’ Foul again. Fourth foul by Mumbai. One more and they will be in trouble. Orange card for Foglia. 

20’ Angellot again. Fantastic piece of skill. He nutmegs Chaguinha. 

18’ Foglia lays it off for Angellot whose shot is blocked again. 

17’ Angellot on an orange card now. Meanwhile Chaguinha with a piledriver of a shot but it’s just over the bar. 

16’ Mumbai are on the break after a Kochi free kick is blocked but the pass was wide. 

14’ Mumbai are now attacking well but the Kochi defence is just holding on. 

13’ Great play by Chaguinha and Moraes but their communication was poor.  

12’ FOGLIAAAA. So Close again. Foglia hits the post. 

11’ Angellot’s presence has not added to Mumbai’s speed. He’s troubling the Kochi defense. 

The first quarter comes to an end with Kochi in the lead. 

10’ Foglia twists and turns again but his shot is poor. 3

9’ Angellot is on for Giggs now. 

8' GOALLLLL!!!! Moraes scores for Kochi. Fantastic run from Chaguinha and Moraes puts it in the net. 

7’  Another foul. Mumbai are on two fouls now. Free kick for Kochi. Good attempt from Paulinho but Almado saves it. 

6’ Chanpreeeeeet. So close from the young Mumbai player.

5’ Foglia twists and turns but cannot find space through the Kochi defense. 

4’ Mumbai defend the free kick and keep possession. 

3’ Moraes is fouled by Foglia deep in the Mumbai half. 

3’ Kevin Ramirez with a shot but it’s saved by Casalone. 

2’ Salgado with a great run but is blocked by Chanpreet.

2’ Great start to the game. Very good fast tempo. 

1’ And Mumbai have kicked the finale off and they win a corner. 

After both teams walk out, we start off with the national anthem. The Indian youngsters look pumped up after the national anthem. 

The starting lineups are out. 

Mumbai’s hat-trick hero from the semi-final Angellot misses out as they start with Luis Amado (GK), Foglia, Ryan Giggs, Kevin Ramirez, Chanpreet. 

Kochi will start with Casalone (GK), Chaguinha, Deivis Moraes, Anupam and Michel Salgado. 

It’s finally here! The finals of Premier Futsal. Welcome to the live coverage of the final game of Premier Futsal as Mumbai 5s take on Kochi 5s for the third time in the tournament. Ryan Giggs and Michel Salgado will be looking to add to their glorious list of trophies as their men go head to head tonight. 


Mumbai 5s:

Coach: Felice Mastropiero; Marquee player: Ryan Giggs; International futsallers: Luis Amado (GK), Foglia, Angellot, Ramirez, Federico Perez Freestyler: Pablo; Indian futsallers: Jo Paul Bence (GK), Chanpreet, Shubham Mane, Emmanuel, Akshay Nair, Shimyu

Kochi 5s:

Coach: Sergio Sapo; Marquee player: Michel Salgado; International futsallers: Casalone (GK), Chaguinha, Deivis Moraes, Gekabert; Freestyler: Emil; Indian futsallers: Muhammad Ameer, Basil, Yashwant Kumar (GK), Ansh, Stalin Daniel, Anupam

Salgado and Moraes have been the main men for Kerala in defence and attack respectively
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