Premier Futsal League: Semi-finals qualification scenario

President of the tournament Luis Figo unveils the plans for the tournament

After 10 fantastic matches in the Premier Futsal League, we have reached the final matchday of the group stages. Tonight, four teams will take the pitch with the hope of qualifying for the semi-finals of the tournament. With a lot of doubts over the qualification process, we break it down for you and make it easy for you to understand that how today’s results will affect the semifinals line-up.

Game 1 – Chennai 5s vs Kochi 5s:

Falcao battling a Kochi defender when they faced off on Sunday

Michel Salgado’s Kochi will take on Falcao’s Chennai in the first game of the night in Goa. The match, hopefully, will be an entertainer with a complicated qualification scenario. Chennai will be hoping that Falcao recovers from his injury on time.

Last time they faced off: When Chennai hosted Kochi on Sunday, it proved to be a massive entertainer as it ended in a 4-4 draw. Kochi was the first to score but Chennai quickly came right back into the game thanks to Falcao. The Brazillian doubled their lead before he was forced to miss the remainder of the game through injury.

Although Chennai was able to score two more to take a 4-2 lead, a lapse in their defence saw them concede two in the final quarter to end the game 4-4.

Scenario 1 – If Kochi 5s win: In the case of a Kochi victory, they will go through with 7 points as the second placed team along with Mumbai. Chennai will be knocked out with just one point.

Scenario 2 - If it’s a draw: In the case of a draw, Chennai will still be knocked out. Kochi will go through with 5 points along with Mumbai who are on 9.

Scenario 3 – If Chennai 5s wins: Only a win could see Chennai go through to the semi-finals but merely a win would not be enough. Chennai is now at the bottom of the table with 1 point and a goal difference of -3. Kochi is second with 4 points and a goal difference of +1.

The goal difference between the two teams is 4, so Chennai must win by three goals to progress to the semi-finals.

Scenario 4 – If Chennai 5s win by two goals: This scenario would see the goal difference of Chennai go up to -1 while Kochi's goal difference will come down to -1 as well. That will see both teams tied on four points with the same goal difference. In that case, the progress will depend on head-to-head rule.

The head-to-head rule states that the team with a better record against each other will progress. Since the last game was a draw, a Chennai win will see them through due a better record.

Game 2 – Bengaluru 5s vs Goa 5s:

Paul Scholes can do nothing but look away as Ronaldinho scores another goal for Goa

In the second game of the evening, Bengaluru will take on hosts Goa in the game that will decide who makes it to the semi-finals from Group B. Goa’s new marquee signing, Cafu will represent them for the first time in the tournament and will be hoping it’s not his last.

The qualification scenario for this group is not as complicating as the previous one, however, both teams must be aware of the scenarios mentioned below.

Last time they faced off: The last time Bengaluru faced Goa, it was one of the most memorable games of the tournament as Ronaldinho scored five goals. As a result, Goa trashed Bengaluru by a thumping scoreline of 7-2. It will be interesting to see how Goa will perform in the absence of Ronaldinho tonight.

Scenario 1 – If Goa 5s win: If Goa wins, they will go through as the table toppers along with Kolkata at second place. Bengaluru will be knocked out with two points.

Scenario 2- If it's a draw: In the case of a draw, both teams will win a point each. That will see Goa go through to the semi-finals as the second placed team along with Kolkata. Bengaluru will be knocked out with 3 points.

Scenario 3- If Bengaluru 5s win: If Bengaluru takes all three points tonight, they will qualify with 5 points as the second placed team along with Kolkata. Goa will be knocked out.

Whichever teams qualify, the last two games of the group stages will prove to be entertainers, as all the four teams will come out with an eye on the semifinals. With big names like Falcao, Scholes and Salgado playing tonight, we are in for a great evening of Futsal.

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