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Inter Corporate Olympics 2015 by XLR8 Indoor Sports Arena to begin on 17th October

The 4th edition of the Inter Corporate Olympics 2015 by XLR8 Indoor Sports Arena to begin on 17th October

Participants at the XLR8 Indoor Sports Arena

XLR8 Indoor Sports Arena is organising the 4th edition of Inter Corporate Olympics 2015 on 17th and 18th of October in Bengaluru featuring renowned corporate teams from Bangalore city participating in different sports disciplines.

XLR8 India is a 33,000 square foot indoor sports space created by XLR8 in tech city Bangalore which provides space for different sports activities to students, kids, NGOs, schools, colleges, families and corporates. XLR8 has created his own sports aura and ecosystem to enhance mental and physical fitness through sports. 

Inter Corporate Olympics is a product developed by XLR8 for corporates and MNC’s to provide them relaxation and distress from their hectic work schedule through competition in indoor cricket, swimming, volleyball, indoor football, tug of war, wall climbing, snooker, table- tennis, badminton, throw ball.

XLR8 has a simple notion – “All work no play makes Jack a dull boy”, which they always keep forward to enhance individual’s skills and self-esteem through sports along with building camaraderie and a sense of team work within each employee.

The pressure of meeting a deadline is so high in a corporate world that the whole work life of an employee revolves around it. Working more than 9 hours sitting on a chair in front of a computer or laptop is stressful not just for the eyes but for the whole body and mind. The brain of an employee is used extensively during the meetings, the technical work, in making excel sheets and managing people.

The stressful situations at work also affect the personal life of a person. The nature of a person turns bitter if he/she stops enjoying their work at office. Along with this, the health of a person takes a serious blow with no physical activity and extensive and stressful mental work at office. 

To improve the health and to increase the productivity of employees at work, it’s essential for corporate companies to maintain a friendly and positive environment at workplace. A fit, healthy and happy employee is proportional to the company’s revenue. Therefore, the corporate companies are now focusing on building a good infrastructure for their employees.  

Every year teams from ANZ, Pramata, PWC, EMC, Magnus Marketing, Siemens and Golden Sachs participate in Inter Corporate Olympics to compete with each other in different sports. Last year’s winner Siemens are all set to get medals again in their cart and runners up are also geared up for practice to challenge the last edition’s champions.

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