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What Next For Liverpool FC?

As Liverpool slumped to yet another defeat on Saturday, the team's 5th in the last 6 league games, and questions were asked.It was not the first time the team was booed off the pitch this season, but this time it was different; Anfield was gettin...

As Liverpool slumped to yet another defeat on Saturday, the team’s 5th in the last 6 league games, questions were asked about the club’s future. It was not the first time the team was booed off the pitch this season, but this time it was different; Anfield was emptying very fast.

Liverpool started this season with a positive feeling around the club. Kenny was back at the club, and over 100m pounds were spent in the last 6 months or so to strenghten the squad. A top 4 spot was seen as a formality, and some even suggested a title challenge could be coming.
 Nearing the end of the game, boos were heard as the referee blew his whistle.
But, as the season prolonged, the hopes and dreams of Liverpool fans started slowly ebbing away. At the beginning of the season, it was blamed on bad luck. To be honest, Liverpool were really unlucky at that time, but as the season moved along, the Reds’ performances got worse and worse.
It all culminated at QPR, where Liverpool threw away a 2 goal lead and ended up losing to arguably, the worst team in the league. The Wigan loss at home was just another nail in the coffin of Liverpool fans’ hopes.

The question being asked by the fans is: what next for Liverpool? Sure, we won the League Cup, but is that enough to call this season successful. The club’s results in the league have never been worse. Even under Roy Hodgson, Liverpool never lost 5 out of 6 games.
A big problem for Liverpool this season are the underperforming players. Carroll, Henderson, Adam and Downing were bought for a combined fee of around 80 million pounds, and neither of them lived up to the expectations. As the saying goes: You buy average players, you get average results. Truth is, Kenny Dalglish has massively overspent on these players. That is something that could cost the club a lot, not only now but also in the future.

So what next for Liverpool FC?

There are a few options here. One would be to keep Kenny Dalglish in charge and give him another big transfer kitty to once again try to rebuild the team. This is an option I am not fond of because Kenny already had his chance to rebuild the team, but wasted huge sums of money and failed to get a top 4 spot this season.

The second option, and the one I personally favour, is to remove Kenny from the managerial post. In my eyes, he hasn’t done anything to deserve another year at Liverpool. Bring in a young manager, a manager hungry to prove himself- someone like Andre Villas-Boas- and give him money and time to rebuild the squad. 

Many people may think this is short-term thinking, but the truth is Kenny has set us quite a lot of years back with his signings and results this season.
The problem for Liverpool is, how will the club manage to lure top players without the Champions League? This is another reason to get a new manager in charge. Managers are a very important factor when bringing in new players, and let’s face it, Kenny Dalglish isn’t really a big name manager that could lure top players from outside of the UK.

Written by Ivan Stanic
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