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3 Mind Blowing Features To Look For In A Golf Putter

Simon Morris
80   //    04 Dec 2018, 18:05 IST


There are two types of people who play sports; those who play as a hobby and those who play professionally. The former group of people usually play after work or school or during the weekends.

Most times, this is usually to reduce stress and enjoy something they love. Sometimes, they may play in competitions. The latter group of people take sports very seriously as they depend on it for their livelihood. They don’t have any other jobs and so they spend day and night practicing to get better in the sport.

If you are really good in a particular sport, you may end up getting paid more and you may also enjoy more benefits. However, whether you play the sport of your choice professionally or as a hobby, the type of equipment you use can heavily influence your experience in the sport.

Therefore, it is advisable to get the appropriate equipment in order to enjoy the game. For example, in golf, apart from checking out the Golf Industry Best Rangefinders, you also need to have the right putter so as to make the best shots. The putter has to be one that suits you. If you are going to buy a putter, below are some things to keep in mind:

1. Length

According to, this is one of the most important features of a good putter. You need to find one that enhances your swing and does not mess with your address position. The shaft of the putter should always be in line with your forearms. The length may be determined by your own height.

When shopping, you can use the standard length putter to determine whether you need a longer one or a shorter one. If you find yourself gripping down the shaft, then it is a sign that you need a shorter putter. However, if you grip past the end of the putter, you will need a longer one.

2. Stroke

Every golfer has the stroke they prefer to use when striking the ball. Depending on what yours is, you will need to find the right putter for it. Most golfers with the conventional stroke usually find it better to use putters with a medium amount of toe hang.

However, those who have the straight back and straight through stroke, would be better suited to use a face balanced putter when golfing. This is because putters are weighted differently to suit different strokes.

3. Design

Choosing a putter doesn’t have to be a boring affair. You don’t have to pick a bland one that shows nothing about you. Instead, feel free to choose a putter that complements your personality and is designed according to how you would like it.

Choosing something that depicts your style may help to get you in the right mood when you are golfing. This is important because it will help you concentrate on the game. It will also depict the type of person that you are. Furthermore, if you get something that you love, you are likely to take good care of it enhancing its durability.