Beyond the Green Jacket: Exploring the unique prizes and trophies of the Masters Tournament

The Masters - Final Round
Jon Rahm at the Masters Tournament 2023

The Masters Tournament is not only one of the most renowned events in golf but it is also one of the most recognizable due to the coveted Green Jacket. Beyond the fame and glory of the Green Jacket, however, the Masters offers a variety of one-of-a-kind prizes and trophies.

We'll look at some of the unique medals given to players who achieve extraordinary feats during the event, highlighting the Masters' heritage of honoring talent.

Par 3 Closest to Hole

The Par 3 Contest, a captivating pre-tournament event in which players compete in a lighthearted competition on the gorgeous Par 3 course, starts off the Masters. The 'Closest to the Hole' reward is one of the event's distinctive prizes. It is given to the player who successfully lands their tee shot closest to the pin on any of the Par 3 holes.

Par 3 Hole-in-One

The 'Hole-in-One' achievement is another great prize in the Par 3 Contest. Any player who achieves the rare distinction of acing a hole during this tournament is rewarded for their remarkable display of talent and accuracy.

Par 3 Contest Winner

While the Par 3 Contest does not count towards the Masters' Tournament standings, the winner is recognized and awarded an honorary reward for their success. It sets a great tone for the main competition.

Day's Low Round

Players compete in four rounds for the renowned Green Jacket at the Masters Tournament. Each day's round presents new obstacles, and the player with the lowest score on any particular day receives the 'Day's Low Round' prize for their performance.


An eagle is a rare and noteworthy feat in golf. At the Masters, golfers who make an eagle during the event are recognized for their achievement.


The Masters celebrates golfers who achieve the unusual feat of scoring an albatross, also known as a double eagle. This happens when a player shoots three strokes under par on a single hole, which is incredibly rare.

Golfers who achieve this astonishing accomplishment are honored and rewarded for their rare acomplishment.


Every golfer's dream is to make a hole-in-one during the Masters Tournament. Players who make a hole-in-one are customarily presented with a special gift to mark the occasion.

Low Amateur

Low Amateur trophy (Image via Fore Putt Golf)
Low Amateur trophy (Image via Fore Putt Golf)

Amateur players are an important element of the Masters' heritage, and their accomplishments are recognised independently from those of the professional players.

The tournament's top amateur earns the title of 'Low Amateur' and receives an emblematic prize in recognition of their achievement.

Tournament Runner-Up

Tournament Runner-Up Medal (Image via Heritage Auctions)
Tournament Runner-Up Medal (Image via Heritage Auctions)

While winning the Masters and donning the legendary Green Jacket is every player's ultimate objective, finishing second is still a remarkable accomplishment. The second-place finisher is recognized and honored for their effort with a medal.

Tournament Winner

The biggest goal for a player at the Masters is to win and take home the prestigious Green Jacket. After four rounds of tough play, the golfer with the lowest score becomes the winner.

Along with the renowned Green Jacket, the Tournament Winner receives a trophy to mark the success and their place in golf history.

The tournament's distinctive medals and trophies honor the incredible achievements of players who demonstrate exceptional talents, precision, and determination.

From hole-in-ones to albatrosses, these unique honors add to the Masters' illustrious history.

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