Does Tiger Woods still have a contract with Nike? Duration and possible amount explored

Woods acknowledging the crowd (150th Open Championship)
Woods acknowledging the crowd (150th Open Championship)
Zachary Roberts

Tiger Woods has been golfing professionally since 1996. Since then, he has exclusively worn Nike shoes. Especially on the field. He signed an exclusive partnership with the athletic brand and began wearing their products as soon as he stepped onto the professional course.

That was 26 years ago. Contracts typically aren't signed for that long. Even the longest contracts in sports only last 10 or so years, so the original contract Woods signed is long done.

He signed more contracts with Nike as his career progressed, including a massive extension in 2013. However, he was recently seen at the 2022 Masters without the familiar swoosh on his feet. That was cause for discussion because Woods had golfed in Nikes almost exclusively since he started.


However, the lack of swooshes on his feet is not an indicator that he's no longer partnering with Nike. As he put it:

"Nike’s been fantastic over the year for providing me with equipment and work. We’ve been working on trying to find something to allow me to do this and swing again. We’re still going to continue doing it and hopefully we’ll have something soon."

Woods was involved in a dangerous car crash a year ago and has struggled with his health. The shoes he now wears support that, but Nike doesn't mind.

Genesis Invitational - Round Two Nike apparel on the golfer's head (Image via Getty)
Genesis Invitational - Round Two Nike apparel on the golfer's head (Image via Getty)

They said in a statement:

"He is an incredible athlete, and it is phenomenal to see him returning to the game at this level. His story continues to transcend sport and inspire us all. As he continues his return, we will work with him to meet his new needs."

Over the years, the golfer has made an incredible amount from his endorsement deals with Nike. According to Golf Monthly:

"Woods has been with Nike since 1996, where he signed a huge $40m deal over five years, which was renewed for a reported $100m over a further five years. The Nike contract after that one is said to have been worth anywhere in between $20m-$40m per annum for eight years."

He followed that contract with an even bigger extension of a reported $200 million. The golfer recently turned down a nearly $1 billion deal to play with the Saudi-backed LIV Golf. Despite that, his net worth surpassed $1 billion, largely thanks to his incredible partnership with Nike.

Tiger Woods cemented his legacy as one of the greatest

With a career spanning 26 years, Woods has consistently been at the top of the game. He's arguably the greatest golfer ever. In March 2022, Woods was inducted into The World Golf Hall of Fame.

One of his most impressive accomplishments is his longevity in the sport. He's a 46 year old athlete, one of the older players on the field. He has endured many injuries over his career that have attempted to derail him, including that horrible crash last year.


Still, he continues to persevere and play, which is impressive and worthy of praise.

However, his age and health do not indicate that he will be golfing much longer, so fans should catch all his plays while he is active on the field.

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