Ex-adult film star Mia Khalifa slams Tiger Woods, asks him to play golf 'like Donald Trump'

Hero World Challenge - Final Round
Tiger Woods

What's the story?

Before 2009, Tiger Woods was a golfer who dominated all before him. But injury and loss of form meant that he could no longer compete with the best. The game owes a lot to him, mostly for his captivating performances which made many fall in love with the sport. However, switch to today, a simple announcement of his comeback from injury is being questioned by newbie pundits like Mia Khalifa.

The ex-adult film superstar, speaking on Tuesday’s episode of talk-show ‘Out of Bounds’, said, "Tiger, you're washed, just give up while you're ahead, retire with some dignity. You don't need to come back to the sport, just play it for leisure like our President does." She then advised that he should "just go commentate".

In case you didn't know

Tiger Woods has been out injured for a number of months, but he will be back for the 2017 Hero World Challenge that runs from November 30 to December 3. Woods is a 14-time major champion, just four major wins short of Jack Nicklaus’ all-time career record.

He's won a total of three career grand slams and was the youngest and fastest to accomplish 50 tournament wins on tour. Woods achieved his first No. 1 world ranking in June of 1997 and went on to hold the top spot for 264 consecutive weeks from 1999-2004. In his second streak, Woods held the No. 1 position again for 281 weeks during a stretch from 2005-2010. But all of this was before his blistering career was marred by injuries and controversies.

On the other hand, Mia Khalifa is already making her mark as a TV Pundit, having started a new job as a sports pundit for the sports show just a few weeks ago. Her involvement with sports stars is not new as very recently she was left embarrased after American Football player Juju Smith-Schuster rejected her flirty message.

Author's Take

Nobody has ever seen a rise and fall like that of Tiger Woods. From being the highest earning sportsperson to becoming just another golfer, his journey is a writer's dream. And even though he doesn not look like he will be winning a major anytime soon, Woods still earns more respect than what Mia Khalifa is giving to him.

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