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First Look: Titleist's 2017 ProV1 and ProV1x prototypes, Taylormade's new Milled Grind wedges

Sameer Bahl
824   //    07 Nov 2016, 21:51 IST
The new prototypes feature a new dimple design

One of the interesting developments of this week at the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open on the PGA Tour was the spotting of the new 2017 Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x prototype golf balls.

Titleist's PGA Tour staff was spotted testing the golf ball as part of the company's R & D process with respect to the new versions. While Titleist isn’t commenting on the new prototypes, it has sent out test samples to all of its Team Titleist members.

The ProV1 has been renowned for being the lower spinning golf ball of the two ProV versions. Players have played the ball for its lower spin resulting in more distance off the tee and more penetrating flight as compared to the X version.

The ProV1X, which offered a softer feel generally, added control with the wedges and better feedback around the greens, has seen a change in its dimple pattern which means the players can expect slightly lower flight as compared to the previous editions of the X.

Previously, we have seen various manufacturers moving in the direction of softer golf balls with their top of the line products. However, the feedback from people testing the ball is that the ball produces a clickier sound off the putter face and feels solid at impact.

Then again, the ball is not renowned for its durability with people complaining about the cover of the ball getting scuffed up too soon and having to change balls every nine holes.

The 2017 ProV1 which is the cheaper of the two ProV1's, offers added durability and has seen a lift in the feel and control it offers with the irons.

The new versions have shown better performance in windy conditions with lesser deviation in the air and a more penetrating ball flight. The prototypes have shown better crosswind performance and tend to hold their lines better with added resistance to sweeping winds.

The new prototypes also show a move back to the black ink from the grey one used in recent editions.


There is no release date set by Titleist for the new models yet but expect them to dominate the market with Nike’s exit from the equipment industry.

Taylormade’s first milled wedge will be available in varied bounces

Taylormade also came out with its own new product in the form of the”Milled Grind” wedge which probably refers to the milling marks on the sole of the wedge.

With very few details being available, TaylorMade looks to have taken a new approach to its sole design now being completely milled as opposed to previously being completely hand-ground.

The new approach means the company can now produce identical replacements for tour players to exacting standards using a milling machine.

The milled sole removes the element of guess work and potential inconsistencies that come with the sole being hand ground.

The wedge will come with three options of bounces (low, standard and high) which likely means drifting away from the previously offered 'ATV Grind' and 'Tour Grind' options that were available with Tour Preferred EF.

The wedge will likely be higher priced than Taylormade’s 2016 Tour Preferred wedges with a larger block of carbon steel material being used in the milling process to produce every unit.

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