Instruction: Want to gain full control over your putting and be quick at the same time? Follow these three simple steps.

Rickie is one of the best putters on the PGA Tour
Sameer Bahl

No one likes slow play and it is the biggest reason for the diminishing participation in the sport. Rickie Fowler is one such player who hates slow play and doesn’t waste much time before pulling the trigger.

He’s known to poke fun at Jordan Spieth for taking too long and slow play is an issue that the PGA Tour and the European Tour keep a close watch on. Players receive penalties every now and again if they fail to keep up with the clock or get too far behind the group in front.

A lot of average golfers tend to over-analyze their shots or take too long over the ball before hitting it. Some end up wasting time by looking at putts from multiple angles and grinding over three-footers.

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So let’s set the record straight: Spending too long over your putt doesn’t mean you are more likely to hole it. If anything, you are likely to cause more damage to your chances by looking at it for too long.

Follow these 3 easy steps from Rickie Fowler and drop more putts whilst being quick:

1. Spend your time wisely on the greens

You shouldn’t be caught napping when it’s your turn on the greens. Instead of beginning to read your putts when it’s your turn, start looking at your line while the others are putting. That way when it comes to you, you are ready to commit to making a solid stroke without wasting time.

“After I replace my ball,” Rickie says, “I take about five seconds to confirm my read.”

2. Don’t waste time second - guessing yourself

According to Rickie, a lot of last – minute guesswork is related to speed. If you know what your normal speed is, you’ll never have any doubts standing over the ball with regards to that specific putt.

“I play all putts as if the ball were going to roll two feet past,” Rickie says. “Find a speed you like and stick with it.”

3. Stay confident over the ball

Invariably, the trend is that putts appear differently up on address than they appear from behind while you’re still reading the putt. However, acknowledge it and don’t let it play games with you. “I make a practice stroke or two with my eyes focused on exactly where the ball is going to enter the cup,” Rickie says.

“For example, a straight putt goes in at 6 o’clock, but a sharp left-to-right breaker might go in at 9 o’clock. I then work backward to match up the speed and line. This helps me settle once more on my read, quickly and with confidence.”

If you want to make more putts without being the time waster in the group, emulate Rickie’s putting routine

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