Masters 2023 champion Jon Rahm opens up about ‘role model’ caddie Adam Hayes

The Masters - Final Round
Jon Rahm and Adam Hayes won the Masters

Jon Rahm and Adam Hayes, his caddie, have proven repeatedly that they are a powerful duo. The right caddie can be crucial to a golfer's success, and Rahm has had plenty of success lately. He won the 2023 Masters and is the world's number one ranked golfer.

The star golfer recently opened up about his exceptional caddie, calling him a role model.

"You keep being a role model with your professionalism, your positive attitude and your work ethic," Rahm said.

Before the Masters, Hayes gave Rahm a valuable piece of advice, which he revealed after they won the tournament.

“I told him, 'The most athletic and most adaptable guy will win this week'," he said.

Rahm took home the green jacket by four strokes over LIV golfers Brooks Koepka (who led Rahm and the field coming into the final day) and Phil Mickelson.

Despite a very rocky start, Rahm and Hayes kept their cool and made a stunning comeback to win with relative ease.

"If you're going to make a double or four-putt, it might as well be the first hole -- 71 holes to make it up," the eventual winner told ESPN.

The 28-year-old more than made up for it and is now forever enshrined in golf history.

Jon Rahm almost got jinxed by NFL star Zach Ertz

Jon Rahm emerged victorious after a rainy and weather-impacted tournament, but that was far from clear when he first started golfing on Thursday. He said he got a text from NFL star Zach Ertz that might have jinxed him.

"For those people who believe in jinxing, Thursday morning, when I was getting on the golf cart, getting to the putting green 10 minutes before my tee time, I saw a text from a good friend of mine, and I am going to name him because he is a Super Bowl winning champion, Zach Ertz," Rahm said (via CBS Sports)
"He sent the text, and I am going to paraphrase here, but it said, 'That first green is looking like a walk in the park right now,' 10 minutes before I four-putted to start the tournament. So thank you, Zach. Don't ever do that again, please," he added.

Ertz wrote back on Twitter:

"I apologize for absolutely nothing. You can expect these texts every major going forward my friend! Congratulations!"

Rahm did struggle on that first green and saw his odds of winning drop tremendously. However, since he won, Ertz' text turned out to be a good-luck charm after all.

Did Zach Erts jinx Jon Rahm?
Did Zach Erts jinx Jon Rahm?

Both Ertz and JJ Watt, former Arizona Cardinals teammates, have a group chat with Jon Rahm in which they discuss his performance and chances. They told him to play like he was playing against them and if he did that, he'd win.

Perhaps that's exactly what he did for the remaining 71 holes as he turned in an unbelievable performance en route to the first green jacket and second major title of his career.

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