$250,000,000 Al Hilal soccer star Neymar Jr. celebrates "Golf day" with his daughter

Al-Hilal Presented with the Saudi Pro League Trophy
Neymar Jr. celebrates "Golf day" with his daughter

Like many athletes, Neymar Jr. likes to spend some of his free time on the golf course. With Saudi Arabian team Al Hilal in their offseason following their championship run, the soccer star hit the links with his daughter, captioning his social media post with "Golf day."

Neymar's daughter is very young, so it's unlikely that she participated in any of the golfing herself. Nevertheless, the former PSG superstar did share several snaps of himself swinging a club and lining up shots. In some pictures, the sun is decidedly lower than in others, so the Al Hilal forward, who is worth $250 million (via Celebrity Net Worth), must have spent a lot of time on the course.

Golf is a leisure activity for those who don't play professionally on the PGA Tour or LIV Golf. It's something a lot of athletes take up, either in retirement or in their free time.

Steph Curry, Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Gareth Bale, Michael Phelps, Tom Brady, and so many others either play when their sport isn't active or have taken it up since hanging up their respective equipment. Neymar isn't retired, but he's spending his offseasons with a club in his hands and a ball on the tee.

Neymar Jr.'s golf swing prompts fans to suggest coaching from Gareth Bale

In a recent viral video, Neymar Jr.'s golf skills were on full display. The soccer star is better with his feet than his hands athletically, and that might apply to his golf swing. In the video, he took a chunk out of the green.

The Instagram story has since gone away, but he completely whiffed with the driver and picked up a chunk of grass instead of making any contact with the ball on his first swing.

Neymar Jr. and his daughter played golf
Neymar Jr. and his daughter played golf

According to the Sun, fans reacted with hilarity. One mentioned getting coaching from Gareth Bale, a former soccer star who has since retired and taken up golf more competitively.

Other fans prompted him to put the club down and put the cleats back on, lamenting what happened to the course in Neymar's wake. Bale, while still being one of the better-retired athletes turned golfer, still feels that he's not that good, either.

"There’s a big difference, don’t get me wrong. But they really just think their way around the course, they don’t make those silly mistakes, when they hit a bad shot, they hit a bad shot into the correct spot, they just get up and down from everywhere," Bale said (via The Sun)

Gareth Bale drew praise from Rory McIlroy when they played in the same celebrity pro-am, but he still thinks he has a lot of work to do to get to a much higher level of golf. According to the fans, Neymar has work to do to get to Bale's level.

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