A weird reason why John Daly can ride in a golf cart but his caddie has to carry his bag at Valhalla comes to light

2024 PGA Championship - Round One
John Daly riding cart at the 2024 PGA Championship (Image via Getty)

John Daly, 58, has appeared for his 547th PGA Tour event- the 2024 PGA Championship at Valhalla in Louisville, Kentucky. He is allowed to ride a cart owing to arthritis, which prevents him from walking more than six holes. It is permissible under the Disabilities Act of Americans and has been a consistent feature for Daly at this level since Bethpage Black in 2019.

After Casey Martin (2012 and 1998), Daly is the first golfer to use a cart in the majors. He said in a telephone interview (via apnews.com);

“My knee is screwed. I had the meniscus cut out. I have osteoarthritis so bad ... I can walk up a hill, I just can’t walk down one.”

Daly feels very embarrassed due to his inability to walk and his knees swell if he walks more than six holes. Notably, the PGA of America granted John's request to use a cart two years back.

"The whole thing [stinks]. Florida sends me a handicap sticker when I’m there. It’s embarrassing. But I can’t walk more than six holes before the whole knee swells up, and then I can’t go anymore."

Even though riding a cart, John has to follow some rules. Firstly, he cannot ride carrying his bag and secondly, the caddies are restricted from driving carts unless they are authorized by the officials of the tournament.

How did John Daly perform at the 2024 PGA Championship?

John Daly has achieved five wins in his overall career. He was paired along with Lee Hodges and Robert MacIntryre and teed off on Thursday at 8:32 AM at Valhalla at the 2024 PGA Championship in Louisville, Kentucky.

Daly hit 11 over in his opening round at Valhalla. He tied for 32nd in 2007 and didn't make a single cut after it. Since then, he has managed to make only seven cuts out of 29 in PGA.

On Wednesday, Brooks Koepka, after having a practice round with Daly, Jake Knapp and Akshay Bhatia, said (via Golfweek):

“JD is the man. I’ve always loved being around him. He’s gotten close with my dad, as well. What was it, Bethpage? Him and my dad hung out for a while and my dad got to come out and watch me until probably about the back nine,”
John Daly playing his fourth tee at the 2024 PGA Championship (Image via Getty)
John Daly playing his fourth tee at the 2024 PGA Championship (Image via Getty)
“He’s been great, We text a lot. We have pretty good communication. It’s always fun. Try to play with him at least once. I think played with him at the British last year and then this year, tried to get nine holes with him.”

John Daly is the most remarkable winner in history, winning overnight as ninth alternative in 1991 at Crooked Stick in Carmel, Indiana. He did not practice but won by three shots. The triumph brought people to John Daly's expertise and fan interest appears to have remained constant.

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Edited by Vaishnavi Iyer
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