After Tiger Woods, LIV Golf star Bryson DeChambeau is the most popular golfer according to data

U.S. Open - Round Three
After Tiger Woods, LIV Golf star Bryson DeChambeau is the most popular golfer according to data

Bryson DeChambeau's popularity is rising as he attempts to win his second career Major this weekend. He has quickly become a fan favorite on LIV Golf thanks to his social media presence, and that trend is going to put him second to Tiger Woods in terms of popularity.

According to Golf reporter Joe Pompliano, DeChambeau's popularity has risen tremendously thanks to his YouTube account. Per the data, he's expected to have more subscribers than the PGA Tour's official account within the next eight months.

DeChambeau currently has a little under one million subscribers on YouTube, and the PGA Tour's account has right around 1.5 million per the graph. The expectation is that, based on DeChembeau's growth rate, is that he will very quickly surpass them.

The growth rate is tremendous, as it projects over seven million subscribers by January 2029. That would make him one of the most-followed accounts on the social media platform.

It helps that DeChambeau is a good golfer. He's presently leading the US Open and in a good position to win, and he performed admirably in a tight loss at the PGA Championship. He's one of the most prominent players on the ever-growing LIV Golf.

All of that has contributed to a social media presence that is largely unmatched in golf. It's historically been a sport for an older demographic, but DeChambeau's efforts to bring the sport to younger fans has not been unsuccessful.

Bryson DeChambeau admits change as popularity grows

Part of what makes Bryson DeChambeau so endearing to fans, especially those who are among his many YouTube subscribers, is his on-course personality. He's willing to interact with fans and talk with them at events.

Bryson DeChambeau's popularity has risen tremendously at US Open
Bryson DeChambeau's popularity has risen tremendously at US Open

He said via ESPN that this wasn't always the case:

"I have changed, definitely, in different ways. I still feel like I'm that same kid that came out here right at the start, but I feel like as a person I'm just different to interact with."

He credits his father's passing as a reason for his changing. DeChambeau says it gave him a new perspective on life and a lot has changed:

"They say every five years somebody's life changes, and it couldn't be more true. I'm a completely different person than I was back at Winged Foot. There's remnants. I've still got a lot of the same cells, but I'm definitely different in the brain, for sure."

Everything has worked for Bryson DeChambeau, and he's on the cusp of seeing it through with his second US Open win. If he can stave off challengers for one more round, his popularity is sure to grow even more. His YouTube numbers might be even more impressive after.

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