Brandel Chamblee slams Phil Mickelson for turning his back on PGA Tour, continuing his ongoing feud with the golfer - “He’s really hurt the game”

LIV Golf Invitational - Hong Kong - Day One
Phil Mickelson (Image via Getty)

The spat between Brandel Chamblee and Phil Mickelson has blown up once again, with Chamblee accusing 'Lefty' of turning his back on the game.

Ever since Phil Mickelson left the PGA Tour for the LIV Golf Series, Brandel Chamblee has been rather critical of him. Recently, Chamblee spoke out about the fact that Phil Mickelson had the influence to change the game while he was still at the PGA Tour.

With his shift to the LIV Series, Chamblee said that Mickelson had failed to do good in the game. Speaking via Golf Magic, Chamblee said:

“I think Phil could have done a lot of good for the game of golf. Instead he’s really hurt the game. I’m disappointed in him because he could have left the game in a better place.”

Brandel Chamblee further emphasised the fact that Mickelson has a huge fan following, and his knowledge and skill was a real asset to the PGA Tour:

"He had a very high level of skill and a very high level of knowledge of what he was capable of, and it was fun to watch him."

Chamblee felt like Mickelson has done a great disservice to the PGA Tour by leaving to join LIV.

Despite criticising Phil Mickelson, Brandel Chamblee ready to reconcile with 'Lefty'

While Chamblee has been extremely critical of Phil Mickelson, he recently said that he would be open to sitting and talking to him in hopes of reconciling the relationship they had.

"But I’m happy to sit down and talk with him. But there’s nothing he can say that’s going to change my mind. Nothing," Chamblee said.

Mickelson and Chamblee however, have not let up in their spat with each other on social media and they have even blocked each other on X (formerly Twitter).

Chamblee has been adamant on the fact that Mickelson and all those who left with him have done a great disservice to the world of golf. He said that they had disrespected the years of effort that the previous generations of golfers.

The LIV Golf series has managed to garner quite a lot of criticism over the years, not only from Brandel Chamblee but also from other fans as well as players on the PGA Tour.

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