Bryson DeChambeau says his ‘demonstrative celebrations’ on the field are inspired by Tiger Woods – “He's my hero still”

U.S. Open - Final Round
Bryson DeChambeau at the U.S. Open - Final Round - Getty Images

Major triumphs call for major celebration. More so for Bryson DeChambeau, who won the US Open title after a 4-year Major drought. As he parred the final hole, DeChambeau couldn't restrain his emotions. He rejoiced the moment by yelling to the sky and hopped around in a buoyant mood.

Witnessing such an instance, many claimed his celebratory acts to be demonstrative. But Bryson DeChambeau had a fitting reply to that. In his press conference after the Major, DeChambeau confessed the real reason behind his exhibition. He stated that his idol, Tiger Woods inspired him, including in this respect.

“Tiger is an idol of mine. He's my hero still. And the way he reacted on the golf course; Payne (Stewart), the way he did, and numerous others that have inspired generations… have allowed that to be unique and cool. ...I'm just passionate. I really care about doing well out here and showing the fans a side of me that was locked up for so long,” DeChambeau said. [08:33]

Indeed, the US Open title meant the world to DeChambeau after missing the PGA trophy by one stroke. The golfer didn't want to settle for another second place in a row and went head-to-head against Rory McIlroy. Finally, on Sunday, his even-par score on hole 18 bestowed him with the crown.

Bryson DeChambeau gets candid about the head-to-head battle with Rory McIlroy at the 2024 US Open

The fourth round of the US Open was a nerve-wracking moment for golf fans. Two great golfers, Rory McIlroy and Bryson DeChambeau, engaged in a duel for the top spot. The moment put the golf world in a nail-biting situation and the players obviously weren't spared as well. DeChambeau disclosed how he tackled the pressuring round in his press conference after the Major.

“I knew where Rory was. And then after my tee shot I was up there going, 'Man if he makes par I don't know how I'm going to beat him,' I really didn't know. And then I heard the moans and I'm like, shot of adrenaline got in me and I said, 'Okay you can do this.'”

Round four started with DeChambeau at 7-under and McIlroy at 4-under. A significant difference of 3 strokes existed between the players, but at hole 17, McIlroy equaled with a 6-under. At that point, only a birdie on the 18th could save DeChambeau. However, when even that shot ended in a par, DeChambeau had no choice but to hope for the opponent's bogey.

Finally, McIlroy shot a bogey, and that marked Bryson DeChambeau's second major triumph. The stressful situation was successfully navigated by the golfer, who also became the second-only LIV player to bag a PGA Tour Major trophy.

Bryson DeChambeau is also qualified for next month's Open Championship which will be held at the Royal Troon Golf Club.

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Edited by Aayush Kapoor
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