Could Tiger Woods play at the U.S. Senior Open in Ohio in 2026? Exploring the scenario

The Masters - Round Three
Tiger Woods (Image via Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

Tiger Woods is not competing in tournaments these days owing to his ankle surgery.

The American golfer has only played in a few tournaments after his horrible car accident in 2021. As the 15-time major champion is away from the golf course, fans doubt that he might join the senior Tour in the coming years.

Woods will turn 50 on Dec. 30, 2025, and will be eligible to compete on the senior tour. According to an article published in the Columbus Dispatch, Woods might play at the 2026 US Senior Open.

Here's an excerpt from the outlet that talks about Tiger Woods to make his debut at the senior major tournament:

"Woods turns 50 on Dec. 30, 2025, enabling him to narrowly meet the minimum age requirement for entry into the U.S. Senior Open.
"The 15-time major championship winner has enjoyed great success in central Ohio, having won the Memorial Tournament five times. He has eight victories in events played at Firestone Country Club in Akron. Ohio has been good to him."

Earlier this year when Tiger Woods competed at the Masters in April, he was struggling to walk without any support.

He was asked to use a buggy to travel from one hole to another. However, the five-time Masters winner declined the proposal saying that he might use it after three years, hinting about making his senior tour debut. Woods said (via Sports Yahoo):

“It is what it is. I wish it could be easier. I've got three more years, where I get the little buggy and be out there with Fred (laughter), but until then, no buggy."

Tiger Woods joins PGA Tour's policy board

Although Woods is away from the golf course, he's very much involved with the PGA Tour. Earlier this month, he was appointed as the sixth player-director in the PGA Tour's policy board.

According to the Tour's official statement, Woods was appointed as the player director to make sure that "the Tour lives up to its mission of being a player-driven combination."

Earlier in June, the PGA Tour signed a deal with LIV Golf after being involved in a legal battle with them. The decision came under scrutiny, and fans criticized the agreement.

The Tour has been trying its best to earn the support of players, adding that dozens of golfers who joined the Saudi circuit for money will be rewarded. Speaking about his new position, Tiger Woods said (via The Guardian):

“I am honoured to represent the players of the PGA Tour. This is a critical point for the Tour, and the players will do their best to make certain that any changes that are made in Tour operations are in the best interest of all Tour stakeholders, including fans, sponsors and players.
“The players thank commissioner Monahan for agreeing to address our concerns and we look forward to being at the table with him to make the right decisions for the future of the game that we all love. He has my confidence moving forward with these changes," he added.

Noticeably, Tiger Woods was spotted playing golf with his son Charlie Woods last month and was seen in good physical condition. Fans hope that he will soon return to play golf.

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