“Don't make it about money" - Tiger Woods' Ex Rachel Uchitel says she regrets signing NDA amid Erica Herman's case

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Tiger Woods once again landed in legal trouble as ex-girlfriend Erica Herman filed a lawsuit against the golfer. The complaint claimed that the golfer tricked Herman out of the Florida mansion while she was on a short vacation. Meanwhile, in a separate filing, she demanded that the court nullify a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) signed by her back in 2017 when she started her relationship with Woods.

Interestingly, another one of Woods’ well-known ex, Rachel Uchitel, has now come out to comment on the matter. Stating that Herman had a serious battle ahead of her, Uchitel said that she regretted signing an NDA with the golfer. Further adding that Herman was facing off "against a machine" in this case, the golfer’s ex advised the former to not “make it about money" if she wished to get her story out in the world.

Uchitel was speaking to ET when she made the comments on Herman’s lawsuit. The 48-year-old said:

"When you're trying to get your story out, my advice would be, don't make it about money. If you want to tell your story, fight for your voice and let the money drop to the wayside. Fight for the freedom to tell your story and don't make it about money. When you make it about money, no one believes you. That would be my advice."

Rachel Uchitel says signing NDA in Woods case ruined her life

In 2021, Rachel Uchitel told The New York Times in August 2021 that she negotiated a $5 million payout and a promise of $1 million annually for three years to sign an NDA with Tiger Woods’ legal team. She even stated that the NDA was more than 30 pages long. Now, the golfer’s ex-lover has stated that she never would have signed the NDA.

Speaking about the NDA and taking the payout, Rachel Uchitel said:

"It ruined my life… Oh, 100 percent. The money was nothing compared to what I got in return. The hatred. How my life turned out after. It's been so difficult. The lesson that I learned is that no amount of money gets your life back. I'd rather be poor and homeless than have to go through what I endured. I lost all sense of respect, self-worth, friends, family. I mean it. No amount of money can repay what happened to me."

Uchitel, who runs her own podcast called Miss Understood, weighed in on Herman’s situation and said that she had gone through the exact same situation.

She said:

"I've obviously been in her shoes. We have something in common, right? But she has an uphill battle in front of her. I think that she has a lot of things ahead of her that she's gonna have to get through. You know, Tiger's team is very ... he's got a lot of money. He has a machine behind him, and she's just one person. So, she has a lot of work to do if she wants to prove a case."

Rachel Uchitel also revealed that she spent over 14 years finding her footing as she couldn’t speak her truth on the split with Woods due to signing an NDA.

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