"He played with a walking stick as a shaft" - Gary Player names the greatest golfer of all-time

The Masters - Round One
Gary Player during the 2023 Masters

Gary Player recently revealed the name of his favorite golfers while speaking at the Sports Business Club of the Palm Beaches event at Palm Beach Kennel Club on Monday.

Player, one of the greatest golfers of all time, added that it is almost impossible to pick players from different generations.

"We raked bunkers with our feet. We had wooden heads, heavy shafts," Player told Golf Week. "It’s a completely different … Wow. This is why when people make comparisons with golfers they don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s impossible now."

Player's first choice was Bobby Jones, whom he declared as potentially the 'best player that ever lived.'

"He played with a walking stick as a shaft. You played with the ball that went 80 yards less," Player was quoted as saying via Golf Wee

His next choice was Ben Hogan as the best player from tee to green.

"(Hogan)knew more about the swing than anybody I’ve ever met by a mile. Ben Hogan would turn in his grave if he saw what some of the pros are teaching now on the backswing," Player said.

The next name on the list was of the 18 times majors winner on the PGA Tour and the eighth on the Tour Champions, Jack Nicklaus, whom he referred to as his brother.

The last name that he took was Tiger Woods. Gary Player added that his accident was unfortunate and nobody knew what could have happened if that never happened.

"There’s the 'if'," Player concluded.

Player was recently seen at Augusta National where he made an honorary start to the 2023 Masters alongside six-time champion Jack Nicklaus and two-time Masters champion Tom Watson.

Player, meanwhile, called out the ANGC for not letting him play a round at Augusta National with his grandchildren. Golf Digest quoted him saying:

"If it wasn’t for the players, (Augusta National) would be just another golf course in Georgia. I’ve played my role. I’ve won it three times. I was in the top-10 15 times. I made the most cuts in a row ever, yet here we are struggling to get a round.
"It’s just sad. And I put great emphasis on the word 'sad' … that Augusta doesn’t make you feel welcome in that regard because I helped make this tournament what it is.”

How many majors has Gary Player won?

Gary Player is one of the greatest players of all time. In his career, he has won PGA Tour titles, including nine major victories. His nine major victories are the fourth highest on the all-time list.

Player has won three Masters Championships, one US Open title, three British Opens and two PGA Tour Championships.

The 87-year-old South African is one of the few players to complete a career grand slam in the majors.

Here's a list of the most major victories by professional players:

  • Jack Nicklaus* 18
  • Tiger Woods* 15
  • Walter Hagen 11
  • Ben Hogan* 9
  • Gary Player* 9
  • Tom Watson 8
  • Harry Vardon 7
  • Bobby Jones7
  • Gene Sarazen* 7
  • Sam Snead 7
  • Arnold Palmer 7

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