How much weight did 3x LPGA winner Haley Moore lose? Exploring the golfer’s fitness journey

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Haley Moore at the U.S. Women's Open - Round Two (Image via Getty)

Haley Moore is an LPGA Tour player who has had a captivating journey in the world of golf. The 24-year-old has gained a lot of recognition due to her weight-loss journey.

Moore graduated from the University of Alabama and has played on the Symetra Tour and the Cactus Tour ever since. There were reports that she was bullied for her body size in her early days.

Moore also didn't have a swing coach, trainer, or a nutritionist. The Southern California-born learned everything on her own with trial and error.

After fighting obesity all her childhood, Haley Moore lost around 35 pounds following her entry into the LPGA Tour. She has been following a high-protein, low-carb diet which is portion controlled. Apart from that, she also bought a peloton bike and has been using it regularly.

Moore decided to work towards weight loss, and that has borne visible results.

Haley Moore says she has 'a lot more energy' following her weight loss

The 3-time LPGA Tour winner always had a lot of talent, and never had any problems performing despite her weight. However, Haley Moore herself recently said she now has a lot more energy and doesn't get tired that often during championships.

Moore said about the benefits of her weight loss (via

“I’m not as tired as I was when I get off the course. I just have a lot more energy. I’m sleeping a lot better which is important, especially as we travel to different time zones week after week.”

Many aspirational golfers have learned from Moore's journey and have adopted her fitness routine, including her own mom. Haley Moore wishes to inspire many others out there and wants to make golf more inclusive for women of all shapes and sizes.

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