“I crossed the line of moderation” - Phil Mickelson opens up about gambling addiction and recovery in recent post

Phil Mickelson (Image via Getty)
Phil Mickelson (Image via Getty)

Phil Mickelson's not-so-secret gambling habits have always been known to the public, but have recently become a topic of conversation after the release of expert gambler Billy Walter's book, 'Gambler: Secrets from a Life of Risk'. Alledgedly wagering almost $1 billion over the last three decades, his relationship with gambling has been a rocky one.

However, recently Phil Mickelson opened up about his gambling habits in a heartfelt and honest post on Twitter. It talked about his journey and his acceptance as well as recovery from gambling. In the tweet, Mickelson mentioned that he has gone too far in the past, and it is time to change himself.

"I wont be betting this year because I crossed the line of moderation and into addiction which isn’t any fun at all."

Phil Mickelson said that since financial security was something that he was not worried about, he often got carried away with gambling, which was harmful not only to him, but also everyone around him.

Mickelson's path to recovery was not an easy one. When he realised the extent of his gambling addiction, he felt too scared to try and solve anything. However, he knew that he had to fight his addiction and get better.

"After many years of receiving professional help, not gambling, and being in recovery from my addictions, I’m now able to sit still, be present in the moment and live each day with an inner calm and peace. I still have a lot of cleaning up to do with those I love the most but I’m doing it slowly and as best I can."

Phil Mickelson opens up about gambling addiction, talks about his wife's support

During this entire journey, the one thing that was constant for the Lefty was his wife Amy's support. She believed in him throughout his recovery and never left his side, giving him the confidence that he needed.

"She [Amy} has loved me and supported me through my darkest and most difficult times. I couldn’t have gotten through this without her. I’m so grateful for her strength in helping us get through the many challenges I’ve created for us. Because of her love,support,and commitment, I’m back on track to being the person I want to be."

Needless to say, Phil Mickelson's journey throughout his gambling days has been a long one. However, he has stayed strong and done his best to recover, clearing himself of his past actions. The support from the golf community for this was huge, and Mickelson's note resonated with a lot of people.

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