“I'm pissed like crazy”, “Under no obligation to hang around” – Fans divided as Rory McIlroy makes fast exit from Pinehurst after US Open heartbreak

U.S. Open - Final Round
Fans divided as Rory McIlroy makes fast exit from Pinehurst after US Open heartbreak - Getty Images

Rory McIlroy missed putts by the smallest of margins a couple of times late in the fourth round at the 2024 US Open. In a one-stroke loss, that matters a lot.

He missed putts he usually makes on both the 16th and 18th hole, the latter leading to a bogey which dropped him out of the tie for the lead. He's been trying for 10 years to win another Major, but heartbreak found him again at the US Open.

As a result, he was on a flight back home quickly after the Major. He watched the final tournament-sealing putt from a room and turned to leave as soon as it went in. According to flight logs, McIlroy left at 7:29 pm EST, less than an hour after the tournament's conclusion.

Fans noticed how quickly the Irishman left after his fate was sealed by Bryson DeChambeau's clutch putt. He declined to speak to the press and was on a flight back to Florida in no time following another one-stroke loss at the US Open.

"I'm pissed like crazy, sitting on my couch. Can imagine how it feels," one said.
"I figured he was on the jet before the trophy presentation. I can imagine the disappointment," another stated.

Others weren't as sympathetic.

"Not a good look…," one fan wrote.
"Rory showed his true colors… He refused an interview after [Bryson] won," one said.
"At a [minimum] he should have said a few words to press and certainly should have congratulated Bryson," a third fan stated.

But not everyone believes that McIlroy owed anyone his time after suffering a defeat of that magnitude.

"Under no obligation to hang around," a fan said of McIlroy.
"Give it a break," another added.
"Soul-crushing. Give Rory some space man," a fan replied.

In 2023, Rory McIlroy lost the US Open by a single stroke to Wyndham Clark. This year, he had the lead at multiple points during the final round but was unable to hold it or hit par for a potential playoff against DeChambeau.

Bryson DeChambeau admits fearing Rory McIlroy playoff

As the two golfers traded metaphorical blows and the lead swapped hands during the final round at the 2024 US Open, a playoff seemed probable. Bryson DeChambeau felt like he wasn't going to be able to defeat Rory McIlroy if it came to that.

Rory McIlroy suffered an agonizing defeat - Getty Images
Rory McIlroy suffered an agonizing defeat - Getty Images

DeChambeau said via ESPN that he was trying to birdie the 18th as he normally would, but his drive was pulled and wasn't going to allow for that. He said:

"But I knew where Rory was. After my tee shot, I was up there going, 'Man, if he makes par, I don't know how I'm going to beat him.' I just really didn't know. Then I heard the moans. Like a shot of adrenaline got in me. I said, 'OK, you can do this.'"

Rory McIlroy played the hole well, earning a short putt for par which would have put the pressure on DeChambeau to try a birdie or make par for a tense playoff. McIlroy missed that putt and DeChambeau made his, but the LIV Golf star could feel the momentum angling towards his competitor.

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