“I think it's going to be great” - LIV Golf's Bubba Watson expects a cool atmosphere at the Masters Champions Dinner 

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Both PGA Tour and LIV Golf players are looking forward to the Champions Dinner at the Masters 2023. However, some seem more excited than others. LIV Golf’s Bubba Watson has now come out to reveal that he thinks the prestigious dinner is "going to be great" despite differences in opinion between LIV and PGA Tour players.

Opening up on his expectations for the Champions Dinner at The Masters, Bubba Watson said that it will be great to reunite with his former PGA Tour colleagues. The 44-year-old golfer stated that he is still close with many on the American circuit and was looking forward to the event. Noting that he doesn’t fear any negative atmosphere at the dinner, Watson said that all tension “goes out the window” when “wearing the green jacket at the dinner.”

Speaking about The Masters Champions Dinner at the LIV Golf Tucson press conference, Bubba Watson said:

“I think it's going to be great. I still talk to guys on the PGA Tour. I still talk to people that work on staff at the PGA Tour. It's been amazing communicating with them. I still reach out on their birthdays, reach out at Christmas. We still talk. I still watch and pull for my guys. So I can't wait to get there because when you're wearing the green jacket at the dinner, everything goes out the window.”

He added:

“You know how blessed you are to be in that room and how thankful you are to be in that room. I've already talked to guys, and we can't wait to hang out because I haven't seen Ted Scott in a while.”
Bubba Watson talks about the atmosphere at the Masters Champions Dinner and the menu this year #LIVGolfTucson @bubbawatson @RangeGoatsGC

It is pertinent to note that Bubba Watson will be at the Masters Dinner hosted by Scottie Scheffler along with fellow LIV stars. Former Masters champions like Phil Mickelson, Patrick Reed, Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, and Charl Schwartzel will be seated alongside him along with other PGA Tour stars.

Bubba Watson is excited about the food at Masters Champions Dinner

Two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson is positive that there won’t be any problems between the LIV Golf and PGA Tour camps at the Champions Dinner ahead of the Masters. The LIV player is more concerned about the food. A self-confessed fussy eater, Watson revealed that he “can’t wait for the food” at the venue.

The LIV golfer has already given host Scheffler’s menu a big thumbs up. Opening up about his past Masters dinners, Watson even revealed that he usually eats beforehand in case he doesn’t like the menu at the event.

Bubba Watson said:

“I can’t wait for that food. I'll give you a secret, normally I eat before, eat a couple burritos before I go to the dinner because I don't know what they're going to have. I’m very picky when it comes to food… But when I saw his menu, definitely want the dessert and I definitely want a couple sliders. So yeah, I can't wait. It'll be fun.”

Unlike Watson, several other golfers have raised concerns about the dinner. Scheffler himself joked about LIV players, particularly Watson being on the feast table. The host jokingly stated that the LIV golfer 'would be sitting on his own table in the corner.'

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