“LIV Golf is not a level to discuss WR” – Fans react to Greg Norman saying the current state of the world rankings is ‘laughable’

Greg Norman during LIV Golf Las Vegas
Greg Norman during LIV Golf Las Vegas

LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman has once again expressed his displeasure with the OWGR (Original World Golf Ranking) after the recent update, which had only a handful of the Saudi-backed circuit players in the top 50.

As per the latest OWGR, released on Sunday, February 18, World No. 2 Jon Rahm is the highest-ranked golfer playing on the LIV Golf circuit. However, he is only two events old on the rival circuit.

Among the players who have been playing in the PIF-sponsored league since its inception, only Brooks Koepka (29) and Cameron Smith (44) were in the top 50. This is because they don't have many opportunities to earn ranking points except for majors and a few other events.

Norman shared four different rankings on the X to express his dissatisfaction with OWGR. The TUGR, SI, and Data Golf rankings had more LIV golfers in the top 50 than the OWGR.

"Laughable," wrote Norman. "LIV would have 2 players in the top 50 OWGR if you exclude recent signees!”

Fans online had mixed reactions to Norman's comments. While many agreed that OWGR needed to upgrade itself, others felt the defective players knew the consequences of switching to LIV Golf.

Here's a look at some of the reactions:

"LIV is not a level to discuss WR. Get over it."
"Guess he should have done his homework beforehand. That’s what happens when you ASSUME and tell players that they will get something that he had no clue would/would not happen. Don’t like it, go qualify and play well to get future exemptions, otherwise quit your 😂😂😉😉"
"Exactly. The other rankings don't use biases and they are able to rank all of the golfers. It's time to get past the politicizing of all of this and rank the best golfers in the world, or else your rankings are a joke."
"No one cares what the Great White Shart is complaining about. He knew the rules. He was given a checklist to fit those rules. He’s done nothing w that info. He needs to look in the mirror. The guys he promised OWGR as part of signing sure are."

Here's a look at some more reactions:

Why don't LIV Golf events get the OWGR points?

Last October, the OWGR rejected LIV Golf's plea to award them the ranking points. OWGR had few reasons to reject the application, and the biggest of them was just a 48-player field.

Peter Dawson, the chairman of the OWGR board of directors, said that they were not in any kind of war with LIV and that disqualifying them from ranking points had nothing to do with politics.

"It is entirely technical," he said as per the Sports Illustrated. "LIV players are self-evidently good enough to be ranked. They’re just not playing in a format where they can be ranked equitably with the other 24 tours and thousands of players to compete on them."

Currently, the Saudi-backed circuit players have either majors or the Asian Tour's International Series, funded by PIF, to gain some ranking points. Twenty-one of the 54 LIV contracted players will compete in this year's first International Series in Oman, which will take place from February 22 to 25 at Al Mouj Golf.

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