PGA Tour pro Michael Kim explains how many clubs he uses in a year

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PGA Tour Pro explains how many clubs he uses in a year

PGA Tour pro Michael Kim, like many regular people, experienced a flight delay on Monday, May 27.

So he decided to pass the time by asking his X followers if they had any questions. He was aiming to kill time by giving insights into the world of golf. One fan asked him about his practice set of clubs and how many he goes through in a year.

Kim responded:

"I don’t have a practice set. I switch irons maybe once a yr. 60 degree maybe 4-5 times. Especially with woods, two clubs sometimes react differently even if the loft and everything is the same."

The answer might be surprising, but Kim doesn't blow through clubs in a year. He doesn't use a different set to practice with, and he occasionally switches irons and a few others, but not very often. The clubs he uses in January are largely the same ones he uses when the year wraps up 12 months later.

Despite rampant usage, Kim doesn't need to change his equipment all that often. He might swing his personal clubs a lot more than the average person does with their own set, but that doesn't lead to enough wear and tear to warrant a change.

Michael Kim answers popular fan questions

Michael Kim's discussion about his club usage over a year and any practice sets he has was far from the only discussion he had while he waited for his flight to take off.

Michael Kim spoke with fans online
Michael Kim spoke with fans online

Given the fact that Kim was on a regular, public flight and not flying private, one fan asked him what it might cost to do so and if there are any downsides. Kim said it would be an incredible price and that is a major downside, but that it would save so much time and be very comfortable.

The golfer travels a lot, flying around the country to play in various tournaments like last weekend's Charles Schwab Challenge. A fan asked how he balances so much travel with his health and nutrition. Kim said it's all about what he doesn't eat rather than what he does in terms of staying in shape.

Another posed a question about how to play comfortably in a setup on the golf course. Kim knows a lot about that, and he answered that comfort has very little to do with equipment or setup. It has a lot more to do with the mental state of the golfer.

And with one more question about flying, someone responded with a question about how flying out after missing the cut works. If they planned to stay through Sunday, do they remain in town after failing to continue playing? Michael Kim answered by saying that most pros get out of the area as soon as they're done playing.

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