“This is a really bad idea”, “Will he break 90?” – Fans roast Charlie Woods as he attempts to qualify for the US Open

The Cognizant Classic in The Palm Beaches - Pre-Qualifying
Charlie Woods (Image via Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

Fans on social media have given their views on Charlie Woods' attempt to qualify for the US Open 2024.

A recent report by SI states that Jr. Woods has set his sights on competing in the Major in 2024 and will participate in a pre-qualifying round of the US Open on Thursday, April 25.

The pre-qualifying round features a field of 80 players who will tee off in the first pre-qualifying stage for the US Open 2024 at the Legacy Golf and Tennis Club in Port St. Lucia, Florida.

Twelegion recently shared the news on its X (formerly Twitter) account with the caption:

"JUST IN: Charlie Woods will attempt to qualify for the U.S Open at Pinehurst, and is scheduled to tee it up on Thursday at a local qualifying site in South Florida. (Via @SI_Golf)"

Fans took to the comments section to take a jibe at the young golfer, suggesting it might not be a good idea.

"This is a really bad idea," wrote a fan.
"Will he break 90?" commented another fan.
"Wow, not a chance," commented another user.

Here are more fans reactions:

Fans reactions (Image via X/ @TWlegion)
Fans reactions (Image via X/ @TWlegion)

It's important to note that Charlie Woods previously attempted to qualify for the Cognizant Classic, a PGA Tour event, in February. He competed in the first round of pre-qualifying but failed to secure a spot in the field after shooting a round of 16-over.

Woods struggled early on, with two bogeys in the first four holes followed by a double bogey on the fifth. He recorded six pars, two bogeys, and a double bogey on the back nine to score 86, which was insufficient to earn him a spot in the Monday qualifiers.

Charlie Woods is now attempting to join the Major's field by playing in the first round of the pre-qualifying event. He is scheduled to tee off at 8:18 a.m. ET on Thursday.

Who will play in the pre-qualifying round of the US Open on Thursday?

The first pre-qualifying round for the US Open 2024 will begin on Thursday, April 25, at 8:00 a.m. ET at the Legacy Golf and Tennis Club. Mark Brown, James Earle (a), and Aaron Wilson will take the first shot of the day on the first tee hole, while Jonah Wasserstrom, Cameron Willis, and Daniel Escalera will tee off on the 10th hole.

Several professional and amateur players will tee off on Thursday, but only five will advance to the next round.

Here is the list of the players who will tee off in the pre-qualifying round of the US Open on Thursday along with Charlie Woods:

  • Mark Brown
  • James Earle (a)
  • Aaron Wilson
  • Jonah Wasserstrom (a)
  • Cameron Willis
  • Daniel Escalera
  • Adam Sanquist
  • Pablo Rincon Gallardo Ortiz
  • Greg Martin
  • Amani D'Ambrosio (a)
  • Michael Buttacavoli (A/R)
  • Frank Weatherwax
  • Charlie Woods (a)
  • Sebastian Rincon Gallardo Ortiz (a)
  • Miles Castoro (a)
  • Matthew Oshrine
  • Norman Black
  • Justin Allen
  • Ken Chuparkoff (a)
  • Tyler Hull
  • Richard Humphrey
  • Justin Griffith
  • John Nieporte
  • Leopoldo Herrera
  • Jeffrey Gullett
  • Mark Wilson (a)
  • Billy Basham
  • Chad Gates (a)
  • Sunny Kim
  • Victor Herrera (a)
  • Garrett Willis
  • John Fanning
  • Ben Robinson
  • Jake Fournier (a)
  • Henry Grillo (a)
  • Randy Leen
  • Timothy Umphrey
  • Tomy Jaunet (a)
  • Siyoung Yun (a)
  • Jessy Huebner (a)
  • Chris Deaner
  • Colin Rajczak
  • David Hearn
  • Rasmey Kong
  • Chris Ingham
  • Joseph Dent
  • Way Ismail
  • Theodoros Michael (a)
  • Ric Harris
  • Reed Greyserman (a)
  • Bento Assis (a)
  • Caleb Bopp
  • Nilo Sanchez (a)
  • Austin Lemieux (a)
  • David Hall (a)
  • John Battaglino (a)
  • Justin Metzger
  • Michael Bradham
  • Garry Williams
  • Pierrehenri Soero
  • Robert Prior
  • Connor Daly
  • William Johnson (a)
  • Cameron Kuchar (a)
  • Brian Creghan
  • Morgan Egloff
  • Myles Cunningham (a)
  • Robert Fox (a)
  • Chip Brooke (a)
  • Jason Sedan
  • Matt Morin (a)
  • Andrew Martin
  • Phillip Yribarren
  • Sam Chavez
  • Daniel Mcgurk
  • Mason Quagliata (a)
  • Jake Brown (a)
  • Michael Melton
  • Peter Bisconti
  • Joseph Latowski (a)
  • Andrew Goodman
  • Will Leber (a)

The 2024 US Open is the third Major of the year. It is scheduled to take place from June 13 to 16 at the Pinehurst No. 2 Golf Course. Charlie Woods' father, Tiger, who won the US Open thrice in his career, is also expected to play on a special exemption in the tournament.

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