What is a 'wire-to-wire' golfer? All you need to know

Insperity Invitational - Round Two
Jack Nicklaus at Insperity Invitational - Round Two (Image via Getty)

A single Golf game can often last over multiple days and is an extremely competitive affair. However, there are some players who have dominated the entire game and have not slipped up once.

'Wire-to-wire' is a term that is used to describe a player who has led the game since the first round and went on to win the trophy. This is an extremely rare occurrence in Golf due to the competitive nature of the game.

This is considered a remarkable achievement in Golf and it demonstrates consistency and extreme skill for the sport. It is a coveted feat in professional Golf and has only been done three times during the PGA championship. The three champions were namely, Bobby Nichols in 1964, Raymond Floyd in 1982, and Hal Sutton in 1983.

However, there have been five golfers who have achieved this feat in the Masters Tournament. The most recent one was in 2015 when Jordan Spieth won the championship in spectacular fashion.

Other 'wire-to-wire' victories were achieved by Craig Wood in 1941, Arnold Palmer in 1960, Jack Nicklaus in 1972, and Raymond Floyd in 1976. Interestingly, there are many skills required to achieve this immaculate feat, and requires complete dedication and consistency.

Wire-to-wire victory is great for a golfer's legacy

The golf players who have achieved the remarkable wire-to-wire victory have often gone down in history. The victory can significantly impact their career and can also help in the World Golf rankings.

It also brings massive media attention to the player as these kinds of wins are rare and unusual. However, to achieve this remarkable feat, a player will need to be consistent and should maintain composure from the start.

Leading from the first round entails that not a single bogey should be attempted and the rounds should go down as perfect. For that, a golfer needs to have extensive knowledge of the golf course and should be highly familiar with it.

On the other hand, the golfer should also deal with his competition effectively who will try to chase him down during the game. In essence, a wire-to-wire victory can only be achieved by a select few golfers who are a class apart from the competition.

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